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You must get insurance!!



For anyone who was wandering if they should get insurance or not my answer is a resounding YES. My faminly ( hubby, 2 children) were scheduled for the 2/7/04 carrabean cruise on the Sea. My daughter complained her throat hurt three days before we left so I decided to take her to the doctor just to be sure. The doctor took one look, sent her to a specialist and she had an emergency tonselectomy that night. Needless to say the cruise was off, she couldn't go anywhere for 7 days.

However, I called my TA who took care of everything and because we had insurance we are now booked on the 4/3 cruise without having to pay anything extra or losing any money on the excursions we had signed up for. So if you are not sure, remember better safe then sorry.

Trying to cruise


I learned my lesson. I was booked on 12/7/03 cruise on the Sun and did not get travel insurance. All flights were cancelled out of the Northeast that Sat and Sun. Because I did not want to loose the money I spent on the cruise I ended up driving all night in a snow storm to get to an airport that was open. Made it to the ship with 15 min to spare but boy I sure didn't want to do anything but sleep the first 2 days.

My lesson has been learned!



My son dislocated his knee playing basketball on the Navigator, trip insurance paid for all medical expences, even physical therapy.


Question regarding insurance...
Did you get the insurance offered directly through NCL or the one your travel agent/booker offered and does it matter? Seems the travel agencies are slightly lower in price.

Parrot Mom

DO NOT BUY TRAVEL INSURANCE THROUGH THE CRUISE LINE...check out Travel Guard or Access America. Never leave home without it... and this is from somebody who has had two occasions to have to use it.


Another good place for insurance is: TravelSafe P.O. Box 7050 Wyomissing, PA 19610-9783 Phone: 1-888-885-7233

For our cruise and airfare insurance we paid less than $200. for four of us. It would have cost double going through the cruise line.


www.insure my trip.com - you can view many policies, call the agent if you feel you want to talk to someone.
We just got off of CCL and we had to stop in Port.Canveral to evacuate a passanger, hope he had insurance. We were heading to Jacksonville and they apparently felt he could not wait to get there, only 5 hours more.