Your best purchase while on a cruise.

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What would you say was your best purchase you ever made while on a cruise? For me it would have to be when I was on St Marten and was checking out the liquor stores and deciding what to buy and I had one slot (compartment) left in the box (Which of course I just had to fill !) I asked the owner if he had anything really "Special" and he broght over a bottle of "Cherry" Grand Marnier . I had never heard of it but upon the owners recommendation, I bought it. When I got home and tried it, I could not believe how good it tasted ! That bottle went fast ! I had to have more ! Quickly! I tried frantically to buy it in the States but to no avail. I tried everything including contacting the manufacturer in France. But the only way to get it was to go back to St Marten of fly to France. So, I started contacting people that were cruising to St Marten and made deales to have them bring it back. I was able to acquire a good number of cases and have used the bottles as special gifts to special clients and of course drank my share of it. I am now finally after a few years down to one last bottle ! So, I need to get more !

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Bought my wifes engament ring 20 years ago in St Thomas, she loves the jewerly there. Easier to carry than the booze but it costs alot more.


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LMAO!!!!..... my best purchase while on a cruise was one of those frozen thingys...(since stupid me packed the champagne in my checked baggage instead of my carry on..those rat bastards confiscated it and i had to sail without it. I did however get it back the night prior to debarkation)


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My first Alaska cruise we were in Ketchikan, and I found a Russian jewelry/gift shop that also had a small "museum" inside. I found an amazing pendant there. It's very unusual, and I get comments whenever I wear it.

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I would say its Victorinox watch Susie bought me with some of her slot machine winnings several cruises ago. I wear it everyday as my dress watch.

I think she would say it is the diamond anniversery band I bought her on our Dawn Princess cruise to celebrate our 10th anniversery.



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My favorite purchase was one made recently -- a wood inlay jewelry box in Sorrento, Italy. Our most useful purchases -- the inexpensive (3 for $10) blankets in Cozumel. Who needs a snugglie? :)


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The best and my all time favourite cruise souvenir came from Acapulco. It is a little gold charm for my bracelet...a little pelican whose name is Jose!

On this cruise we saw pelicans everywhere we went and they became my mascots for this trip. At every port I checked in every jewelery store for a charm of a pelican. There was not one pelican to be had.

In Acapulco I was looking in the last shop of the day...I saw no pelican. One of the clerks asked could she help. I said, "I don't think so", and told her what I was looking for. "Sorry, no pelicans!"

A few minutes later I was approached by another "clerk"...a gentleman who said their goldsmith could make one for me. "No", I said. "I'm on a ship and I won't be here after this evening."
"Not a problem", he says. "We'll bring it down to the ship before you leave."

Off he went and came back with a young man who held a piece of paper and a pencil.

"Describe what you want your pelican to look like."

I described and he drew! I fell in love with the bird that appeared on that scrap of paper.

"What if I don't like it when I see it?", I asked.

"Not a problem!" was the response. "If you don't like it you don't have to buy it."

"What will it cost?" I asked.

We agreed on a price and that we would meet at the ship terminal at 7pm.

At the appointed hour we were waiting. Along comes my friend from the jewelery store exclaiming as he is coming along, "You don't have to buy it!"

He opened the little box and there in three dimensions was the little character who only hours before had been looking up at me from a scrap of paper. I cheerfully handed over the amount I had agreed to pay for this little fellow and I named him Jose for his creator. Jose now travels with me on all my cruises!! He is my all time favourite souvenir of a cruise...and one of a kind!

Second Mexican Opal....I call it my sunshine and call on it's magic whenever it's cold, gray and gloomy here. It brings back wonderful memories of the AMIGO group cruise and the special people who shared those days!
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It would have to be a pendant of diamond set Hawaiian Maile leaves holding a Tahitian black pearl. Everytime I wear it, I'm reminded of a fantastic 15 day Hawaiian cruise.


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I love the pelican story.

When we was in Bonaire we arranged for a private snorkel trip with another couple. Right away we had a flat outside a local ladies home with all kinds of interesting art called Yenni's Art Museum. The lady didn't have the right tool to change the tire and had to call someone so while we were waiting we went into Yenni's. We had the best laughs and whiled away the time while looking around at the photo ops, flamingos, interesting art, etc. What could of been a waste of an hour turned out to be an interesting side trips. She had different things for sale and I bought and original "Yenni". It's a painted fish with a wood and tile frame. Brings a smile to me everytime I see it.


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These are all great stories and I can feel the emotions that some of you have shared about not just the item but the story behind it. So come on the rest of you cruise-addicts ! Let's hear your stories as well !


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My best purchase on a cruise?

Probably picking up the restaurant tab for Ronda, Ernie and their daughter when we in-DUCK-ted her into the Duck Crew, in San Francisco last year.

RIP Sweetie. We love you!

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I have 2 very meaningful purchased gifts from 2 buddies.gifted *to* me..

Dear Sue fell off a moped..and was ambulanced to the Bahamian hospital while on The Mariner of the Sea cruise..her sutures ,and dressings, ace wraps etc.. were to be tended to..and I did..I have a very special Acrylic boat scene perched right next to my computer since 2005..for my "labours" of "being a nurse even on vacation".....:smile:.

and Snowblower's wife -Empress wife Deb on our Families get together Thanksgiving Mexico Riviera Sapphire Princess Cruise gave me a "island made shell Turkey Bobber "..many times you see turtles..well for that cruise;on Thanksgiving day in Cabo San Lucas.. the folks had made turkey Bobbers..and any slight breeze near my computer bobbles the head..:smile:..

my favourite purchase is from Mark's Beloved Panama Canal cruise ;
in Costa Rica..while going through stores I looked up..and on the walls were paintings..and I spied this adorable fully accurate Toucan perched on a branch..!! a 5x7 frame..looking closer we were was painted in oils.. on a real bird feather..!!about 4 inches long AND framed, and signed..for a trifle for cost..I grabbed it..and that hangs in out computer room..and every time I pass it I smile... Thanks Boat Boy.....:clap:Joanne