Your Chance To Tell Calgon Where To Go ...



Could use some suggstions from the crew ....

Now that SunFlower has finally retired, we're finally, seriously, considering relocation out of Michigan. Currently, it's a solid 'buyer's market' up here. The problem is that there aren't any buyers! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it doesn't appear to be an oncomming train. According to indicators, the market should balance out in about 2 years, and might even be seller friendly by the 4 year mark. That's OK, as my retirement plan is not vested until then and this will give us the time to do this right. So, .....

Where to go?

We are both sick and tired of snow, but we do want four seasons, as long as the white stuff doesn't intrude. Other restictions ... Well, SunFlower doesn't want Florida (where DD and family live); and I just can't see the Arizona area (where DS and family live). Neither of us is interested in doing a big city thing. Want grass, not cement painted green. Want a skyline that isn't dominated by buildings. College towns hold no interest. Want to be close enough to major cruise ports that we can reasonably drive (not more than 16 hours of road time). Since I'm an Army retiree, a major military base in the area would be a big plus.

So crewmates ..... Any suggestion?

Donna - dsw

I know you said no Florida - but have you considered the Panhandle area. New Orleans is only 3 hours away with cruise port or you can be in Jacksonville in about 5 hours. Orlando is 8 hours and so forth. You still get all four seasons. There is a naval base. My parents and sister live there and love it.

Virgina Beach is another area. But it is expensive!


After leaving San Diego and moving to Oklahoma, I fell in love with it. I loved the 4 seasons and the people are just wonderful. I still fly back once a year to visit friends I made while there. We moved back here to california because my hubby missed it. But if he ever said the word, I'd move back in a second. People are so friendly and warm back there. i think I'm gonna cry.


Calgon, have I got the place for you! Right here in Orange or Culpeper County VA, take your pick. We are rural but not far from major shopping (20 miles) but we have stores close at hand. Lots of rolling hills and trees....I am in the heart of the Wilderness Battlefield National Park...there is the view of the mountains to our west....beach in 2-3 hours away, the cruise ports are within that 16 hour drive time, Norfolk and Baltimore being the closest. Major military medical facilities not too far and no problem finding civilian Dr with Tricare ;) Active Volunteer Rescue squads. We have 4 seasons and we RARELY get more then 2-3 inches of snow at a time. It's been 12 years since we've had a big storm (right before GS Austin was born). If you want to go to DC it is only a bit over an hours drive...Richmond is an hour in the other direction....Charlottesville in another. And when the grandkids come to visit...Kings Dominion and Bush Gardens isn't that far or the tour of DC. Yes, we are enjoying living in the Old Dominion.


Have you thought of Albuquerque, NM? They have four seasons as well, a military and VA hopspital, and a nice airport.

George C

I have been in Dallas area for 30 years love the weather. Have all the major sport arena's, house's are cheap, 2 major airports, Just need to get used to the 100 degree summers


Savannah, Ga. Doesn't seem to be a big city, but, has everything you could want. Ft. Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield close by. 4 and half hour drive to Port Canaveral, 9 or 10 hour drive to Ft. Lauderdale. Very mild winter, any snow would be a fluke. Not sure we really have four seasons, but, past few days has been in the 60's with low 40's at night.


I'm sad :(

You are leaving us in Michigan??? Now why would you want to go and do that!! :lol :lol

Seriously, I don't blame you a bit. The snowy winters are getting harder and harder to deal with.

I'm looking at all these suggestions too...interesting.


I am with Denise suggesting VA, but a little further south and east. An area like Williamsburg - a relatively small town with a huge amount of historical significance. About an hour from the ocean, with many military installations within an hour. Richmond is also an hour to the west.


I Love the South but dont like the heat,if you want 4 seasons with little snow try WA,like Tacoma or Kent,Renton,not to near Seattle but more countrified,have the best to me military base in the world Ft. Lewis in Tacoma and the weather is awesome,well you gotta like rain. VERY green its the emerald state,very fresh veggies,fruit,flowers,to me this is where we will retire,it reminds me enough of home(WI) but no excessive heat and humidity in summer and no harsh winters,CO is also good,has all 4 seasons,no humidity,we live in the Springs,near Ft. Carson and its not that big yet! Very dry here,but it does get green and the mountains are to die for,just have to get used to the altitude!



Oh, you meant a place to live in blissful retirement. My bad.
Doing some research some time ago we thought the Raleigh, NC area would have suited us. Not too much snow there, we hate the stuff, and lots to do.DH was offered a chance to relocate to anywhere in the East as long as we lived within an hours drive from a major airport.
I had thought about FL to be near the cruises but I need to see mountains.


Savannah, Ga is a very lovely area....we lived in Beaufort SC for 3 years and just LOVED the area. But it is hotter then hot in the summer HOT! Gotta love AC! And the Golden Triangle of NC is nice too...not sure how far it is to the military medicine but then you could use Tricare Prime.

Jill B

Come to our area in South Australia. We live near the harbour, and there is the Submarine Corporation nearby, where they are going to build navy warships soon. There is also an airforce base about an hour from here. And wine regions. And the Adelaide Hills. The city is not very big, and is a half hour by car or train. The beach is just around the corner. We have 4 seasons, and absolutely NO snow, ever.


I vote for upstate SC. Lived there as a kid, and God as my witness, will live there again. Less than an hour to the mountains, and 3 to the beach. Four seasons, and mild winters. Lots of wilderness and outdoor activities.


My favorite state would be North Carolina. Especially the Outer Banks, right on the ocean. I also love mountains and I have heard the winters are not bad there. I live in Wisconsin - I feel your pain. I hate the cold weather and long winters. I would love to move when we retire, but it's like you spend your whole life meeting all your friends, and your family is also there (although somedays I would like to get away from ALL of them!). I just don't know how I could pick up and move and leave everyone and everything I know.