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Your choice: 2010/2011 -7-nt –ncl spirit –from new orleans -$399 –save 55% off!

So I am really looking at this cruise, I can book Feb 12 for 529 pp,, with an obc for 75$,, and wine? I am sure there are some other charges?? Has anyone here booked these cruiese? This is a very affordable one for us. Airfare shouldnt be too much to NOs?


Awaiting results of mental evaluation
QUACK! This is only one of many, many lines/itineraries. Work wirth your TA to find the one best for you. Considerations your TA will take into account. Your ages, interests, likes, dislikes, residence, affilliations, etc.

Some lines are geared more toward younger cruisers, some to families, some to more "seasoned" cruisers. This is reflected by the on-board activities. Do you want a 'party-party-party' ship, or are you looking for something more 'laid-back'? Will it be just the two of you, or will you be taking the entire family? What are their ages, interests, etc.? Do you want 'all-inclusive', or are you willing to be 'nickel and dimed'? Is your idea of great food Old Country Buffet, or do you want breakfast to be a four-course, crystal and sterling silver meal? Do you want 'port-intensive' or a 'cruise to nowhere'?

So many variables. These are all issues a TA will take into consideration.