Your Fav Celebrity Ship. ..present or past


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It's been quite a while since I joined up but have lots of time now to chat. I need to know a few more things about Celebrity. Easiest way is to ask about your favorite things about the ship(s) you have been on. The Century is about to be transferred so we don't need to talk about her. I really liked her size but no big updates to her for years and she is past the stage of freshness without a major refit for sure.

So what's up in the M class lately and your thoughts on the brand new S class too.

Wondering about how the additional cabins to the M class have affected the feel of the ship say on a sea day.


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come one guys..126 views and no one has the latest scoop on X for the =X=Babe. .... one or two of you must like X and been on the ships lately.


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Well, my favorite was Century, which answers the question in the subject line. It's been eight years since I was on an M-class ship, so I can't comment on recent changes.


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Never sailed with Celebrity, will go on my first Celebrity-cruise in November.
Think the Solctice-class is the best looking ship of all the big cruise ships.
Been to Celebrity Millennium on a tour and lunch many years ago.