Your good thoughts worked!


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Thank you for all the good thoughts about me getting a job with Princess Cruise Line. Starting May 10 I will be working at Mt. Mckinley in Alaska. I just got off the phone with them and they said I am hired. I passed all the background checks. Now all I have left to do is fill out some paper work that they are sending me and then get to Alaska in May.

I'm loading up the camera for when I am off work and ready to pack up and leave.

Thanks for all the good thoughts you all came through for me.



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That is so wonderful, Peb. I can't wait to hear how much you are enjoying your new job. I know living in Alaska has been a dream of yours for so long. Congratulations for making your dream come true!! :cheer:


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Congrats!!! I know they will be as glad to have an enthusiastic employee as your are going to be working in Alaska, your favorite place.


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I am SO envious! I know it will be very hard work, but made much easier by working in a phenomenally beautiful place. Congratulations!!!


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Congratulations PEB,:cheer::doubleup: maybe you will be where we can meet you, we plan to bring the family to Alaska for our 50th :biggrin: