Your help on excursions in Mexico



We are on Sapphire Feb. 18.
Any help with excursions would help.
1. Is it better to buy an excursion with Shore trips, Princess or search the web?
2. Has anyone done these tours, and what did you think...
Shore trips...Cabo Beach Day (which resort is this?)
Shore trips ...1/2 Day snorkel Adventure Manzanillo
Shore trips...Jungle Tour Ecologico By boat

Has anyone done a whale watching excursion that was great?
Thank you all!

Frank Black

Hi. I just got back from the Sapphire.

Are you sure you go to Manzanillo? As for Cabo, we were in port a very short time. Last tender back to the ship is at 1:30PM. Maybe Puerto Vallarta is better for a beach break.


We enjoyed Hideaway at Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta enough to go twice during two separate cruises. It was a little pricey ($80 pp), but we felt it was well worth it. Las Caletas is a secluded beach, accessible only by boat and all inclusive. The hosts were very personable, the transfer boat was clean and ship shape and everything at the beach was in good repair. We enjoyed the food and all the activities we participated in.


I am also looking for excursions for Mexico, Cabo, Mazatalan, PV for March, 2006. We will only be in Cabo from 12 to 6pm so we are probably going to a resort by taxi. We may take a water taxi to Los Archos or LoversBeach, but I think we will decide when we are there. I was not interested in taking an excursion for Cabo - I thought about the whale watching, but I don't think anyone can guarantee that you will see whales :(
Have fun researching.