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Recently, Maw posted a comment about her job history. Got me thinking ....

How many jobs have you had in your life?

Over the last 44 years I've had more than 100 enployers! Most of those were part-time (while in school or in addition to a full-time job or they were just temporary). Let's see ...

Soldier (23 years enlisted and commissioned)
Prision Guard (4 years)
Private Security Officer (8 years full-time and probably 6 different part-time slots)
First Responder (35 years - Emergency Medical Technician, Firefighter, Technical rescue Specialist, K-9 Search & Rescue Handler, Hazmat Technician)
Cruise @ddict (9 years)

Court-Jester (Duck Crew)
Baker's Apprentice
Food Kiosk Counterman
Door-to-Door Salesman (Cookware)
Retail Clerk
Bus Driver
College Professor (Emergency Medicine)
Theater Usher
Private Detective/Bail Enforcement (bounty hunter)
Funeral Home Attendant
Car Salesman
Store Detective
Hotel Desk Clerk
Club Bouncer
Short-Order Cook/Sous Chef

How about you guys and gals? Where have you worked? What were your most memorable jobs (best and worst)?

Donna - dsw

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Nursing Secretary
Nursing Home Secretary
Secretary at 4 different places - been at this place for 22 years!


If you take me serious, it's your problem
far more than i care to remember... having one is having one too many in my opinion.... I want that job where you get paid just to live a life of retirement.
Full time jobs

Chief cook and bottle washer
Events coordinator
Pharmaceutical research analyst
Admiinistrative Manager
Human Resource Manager
Medical transcriptionist


Soda jerk - yeah I know Calgon will have something to say about that
Personal attendant - quadriplegic -
Sales clerk - Boutique -
Mortician's apprentice/assistant
Farmhand Petting Zoo
Pet sitter

There's probably more just can't remember them all.



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Library ... just a worker bee..I am not a librarian but I love and appreciate books...I especially love children's literature...probably because my degree is in Elementary Ed....or perhaps that's why I went into Elementary Ed to begin with... ( of the TERRIBLE TUESDAY quizzes might contain a lot of classic kid stuff :) ) !

Mom and therefore teacher, chauffeur, cheerleader, cook, cleaner, dishwasher, nurse, laundress, baker, birthday party organizer, bookkeeper, banker, arbitor, and on and on..

Officer's Wife and therefore....hostess, cheerleader, student, Mother Hen, interior decorator (this means making the drapes over and over and over again to fit the rooms on each and every move), seamstress (all those badges that need changing), entertainer (all those skits) and on and on ...

Travel Agent ... a long time ago and in another life and so much fun!


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Not that many when I think about it. Though I like to try different crafts and things I was one to stick to the same type of job most of my "working" years.

Babysitter - teenager
Camp Counselor - teenager
K-Mart - cashier teenager

Secretary for a bag making company - summer job while in college

Skip Tracer- had to try and locate people who skipped on their bills from
some of the big gasoline companies - hated that job.

Insurance- for a major company. Quit because of security.

Savings & Loan - insurance, teller, mortgage secretary -10 years plus part time work helping an accountant during tax seasons.

Bank - mortgage secretary and closer - 2 years then on to the job of...

Mom :evil:

Paraprofessional in the learning center at a grade school - 2 years (long story why I had to leave but this was one of my favorite jobs of all times).

Back to being Mom again at this time - Scout leader for two groups, PTA flunkie (spent many hours doing this but also rewarding :D )



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Wow, where to start . . . .

Part time:
Hotel Maintenance (while in high school doing demolition for redecorating)
Bingo Caller (after getting out of the Army the second time)

Full time:
US Army - Enlisted
Ride Operator (Knott's Berry Farm)
Records Clerk (AAA of Southern California)
Insurance Sales
US Army - Enlisted
US Army - Civilian Civil Servant (current job)

And of course, Dad, Husband, gopher etc . . . . . . .


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Oooooh....How could I forget...I worked in a Fish Hatchery!!! ...I was a BC Travel counsellor at the time...but mostly I answered questions about how old those trout were and how far it was to drive to Vancouver. It was a great job in beautiful surroundings....and for the time I made pretty good $$$$ too!

Maw..It was definitely a case of who you know not what you know that got me that job! My father happened to be the Conservation Officer in this area and I used to babysit for the Game Biologist who was a great friend of the guy that was doing the hiring for this position.

I still love to visit the Hatchery and we always take out of town guests there for look see! You can have a brief visit yourself if you visit the link!


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Beryl, the fish hatchery looks cool! We have been to one in Branson but it doesn't look as nice as this one. BTW our frog is already over an inch long and starting to come out and "perform" :D We are really enjoying him/her.


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Besides all those jobs of a Mom and Military wife that Beryl mentioned, I’ve been a:

Sales clerk (Woolworths)
Automotive Title clerk (3 different dealerships)
Office clerk ( Magic Marker Corporation)
Retail sales clerk (women’s clothing)
Factory worker (boxed cosmetics for shipping)
Retail loan processor for a retail furniture company
Receptionist for a glass company
Clerk-typist for both the Army and Marine Corp
Procurement clerk (Navy)
Contract Administrator/Surveillance (Marine Corp)
Facilities contract specification writer (Marine Corp)
Contracting Officer’s Representative aka Telecommunications/IT contract specification writer and contractor administration and oversight (U.S. Dep. of State)
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I've had two jobs....

(1)Work: from '64 to 2004

(2)Retirement since. They pay me to stay home and do "whatnot"

I think that's the job that Mr. D wants. :)


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You asked for dull, you get dull:

Part-time/summer while a student:
--Army Surplus store clerk (high school)
--Summer Camp Counselor (college)
--Mailroom Clerk--Motorcycle Manufacturing company (college)
--Accounting Assistant (college)
--Insurance Investigations (law school)
--Law Clerk-City Attorney (law school)
--Law Clerk-Motel Chain Company (law school)

Full time:
--Corporate Real Estate Attorney--Motel Chain
--Corporate Real Estate Attorney--Restaurant Chain
--In-house Attorney--Real Estate Developer/Syndicator
--In-house Attorney and Sr. VP, Acquisitions--Real Estate Developer/Syndicator and Bank Holding Company
--Corporate Real Estate Attorney--Supermarket Chain
--Corporate Real Estate Attorney--HMO and Hospital company

That's it, folks...13 jobs total (really 12--that last student job turned into my first "real" job)...7 part-time or summer while in school and 6 full-time career type jobs...with most of those being pretty much the same thing...and 19 years and counting now on that last one...


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As a teenager, life guard and hobby shop sales person

At college, preparer of fruit fly food,guinea pig cage cleaner, putting cotton into tubes of bacteriological media, wrapper in a meat market

And, for the last 40 years, Medical Technologist, the last 31.5 years at Saint Francis Hospital Laboratory. I decided when I was 16 years old that was what I wanted to do, and never changed my mind. Kind of unsual!


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Beryl, I love and can appreciate your response! Here's mine:

As a student:
Hospital Volunteer – main desk for visitors
Fast Food cashier/dining room cleaner
Cashier at Target
Accounts Payable Clerk at a major car rental agency (I processed their mail, they should have called it ‘mail room clerk’) This turned from part time to full time within a few weeks.

Full Time:
Navy Wife – 1 yr of Ombudsman service (main link between the families and the military command)
Pizza Hut – temp job as a military wife…….I washed dishes, served beer, stocked the salad bar, cleaned tables………I quit this job quickly for a better paying job…….
Target – Stocking clerk for about 6 months until I could apply for the Cashier Supervisor job. I was the supervisor for about another 6 months until we moved (military).
Navy Base Long Beach – worked behind the scenes of their Retail Store – liked that job, made some life long friends.
Moved to Florida from California December 1993
Interviewed and began job at Time Customer Service in Jan 1994 – which is my current employer ---- I have worked in the following since: Catalog phones (taking incoming calls for orders) from Jan 1994 – Feb 1997; then sending bills to those magazine subscribers from 1997 – late 2004 (not exactly all that fun); then from early Jan 2005 until the present, I work on the statistics of the magazine subscription industry. Total with this company will be 16 yrs in Jan 2010. I actually really love my current job and really look forward to work every day. I know, it sounds crazy to love a job that involves statistics, but I do. I guess that makes me a nerd. Haha

My goal is to be a retired grandmother who cruises every chance she gets! Good thing I married a man who has similar goals……retired grandfather that cruises every chance he gets!!! LOL However, our goals are still a few years away… least I hope so since my son is only 18 yrs old!!

Mom – 18yrs and counting….wonderful son Mark (I’m very proud, can you tell?)


p.s. we are sailing this weekend on the Carnival Inspiration, 5 nights Tampa to Grand Cayman, to Cozumel and back to Tampa. Almost packed!:clap: