Your Onboard: Buffet or Dining Room for Breakfast?


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Your onboard: Buffet or Dining Room?

I prefer the Dining Room overall. The food quality and service always make this a good choice for me.

How about you?

Krazy Kruizers

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Being as we always sail in either the PS or SA cabin, we can dine in the Pinnacle Grill for breakfast. It does have the same menu for breakfast as the dining room.


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there is usually a Port or a time when breakfast is needed on the balcony...a time for the buffet and at sea the dining room for meeting new folks from around the world.


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Sometimes buffet, sometimes dining room and rather often the cabin balcony.
It's so nice sitting on the balcony eating breakfast while watching a new port approaching.


George C

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I agree with KK if I am in a suite on Hal, Pinnacle is only way to go. Last few cruises did a suite with RCCL and had breakfast in Chops , not as nice as Hal but nice. But in general prefer buffet so I can hit pool asap


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I do think the food is better in the dining room but it seems that most of the time we end up at the buffet. On port days we have room service & eat on our balcony.


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Breakfast is not a luxury meal for me, in fact very rarely eat breakfast except on a cruise. Sheryl even less than me, I usually go to the buffet get her
an English muffin/butter, some bacon and coffee then go back and grab whatever kind of eggs meat and potato that looks better than the one it is
sitting next to.


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For me buffet breakfast for some reason, once or twice on the balcony too. Love those ships where you can eat your breakfast/ lunch outside, such as Radiance-class and Solstice-class ships.

connie seabee

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Sometimes we go to the buffet and eat a lite breakfast, and a couple times during the cruise we go to the dining room. In the mornings on port days we order danish, fruit and coffee to eat on the balcony.