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Your world is a mirror


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Your world is a mirror

Your judgments about other people say more about you than they do about the people you’re judging. The reason you can detect the weaknesses and insecurities of others is because you have experienced those same weaknesses and insecurities.
Similarly, the reason you’re able to see beauty in others is because that beauty lives in you as well. The positive possibilities you see for others are, in many ways, your possibilities too.
It’s very helpful to think of the world outside of you as a mirror. Whatever you see beyond you in some way reflects what is inside you.
The most powerful and effective way to improve the world around you, is to improve yourself. The best way to bring real value into your life, is to create real value for others.
What you admire and appreciate and support in others, grows stronger within you as well. When you seek to understand, you will be understood, and when you listen thoughtfully, you will be heard.
Your world is a mirror, so choose each day to show it your best, most loving and supportive face. And you’ll be delighted with the face you see looking back at you.

Ralph Marston