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You're Banned (Forum Game)

Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by John, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. conniecat

    conniecat Guest

    Glo is banned for spilling the cupcakes!
  2. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    :)D:)D:)D Yes, as it should be! LOL!

    ConnieCat is banned for calling the phone company and messing up her yard and her neighbors yard!
  3. r8derfan

    r8derfan Guest

    Glo is banned because she has been flying under the radar all night!
  4. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    r8derfan is banned because I like the 9'ers!
  5. r8derfan

    r8derfan Guest

    Oh! Thats like a knife in the Heart! Glo you're banned!
  6. r8derfan

    r8derfan Guest

    It's time to ban people again.

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