Yukon Expedition?



We're going to Alaska the end of June. In Skagway we're considering either the Yukon Expedition which takes you into the Yukon by bus and you come back by the White Pass rail, or just taking the White Pass rail round trip. The Yukon Expedition is about 8 hours, and the train ride is about 3 1/2 hours. Which makes more sense? We have 12 hours in Skagway, and want to make the most out of our time. Please help!


Night rider

If you are going into the Yukon who are you planning on going with? I can tell you about the tour we went on which was with Southeast Tours then took us into the Yukon with 2003 vans we drove on the opposite side of the valley as the train I am not sure if the train shows you the same but it was beautiful.

We then went to Carcross then to Emerald Lake where we got on horses and went to the back hills behind the lake. The colors were so blue and green it was the most beautiful lake I have ever seen..I have heard that the train both ways gets a bit old so you might be better braking up your tour and only taking the train one way.

Have fun and let us know how you make out...