Zaandam..........Engine trouble?



Can anyone confirm that the Zaandam is having engine trouble? The CC board has a few threads stating that they have had the port times cut short due to engine problems. Just wondering if anyone has any info.

After batteling 2 weeks of water in my house with still no resolution we were looking for a week of relaxing and now this. And so the small bumps in the long and winding road go but at least we are able to travel them and they to shall pass.



I checked with HAL - according to them, Zaandam is not having engine problems. They DID alter her itinerary several months ago, shortening some of the times in port.


No engine problems on the Zaandam. We were on her several weeks ago. The stop at Half Moon Cay is shortened because the ship, according to Captain Timmers, absolutely cannot make it back to Port Canaveral on time if it stays the entire day at HMC. We were in Tortola until 10PM but I've heard this has now been shortened to 6PM. I'm not surprised in the least. People were complaining like crazy that there isn't enough to do on Tortola to stay until 10PM, and not much is open that late, so a very large majority of pax were back onboard by 7PM. Leaving Tortola earlier would eliminate all the complaints.