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Zaandam vs. Statendam to Alaska 6/05 Questions!



Any info on Zaandam to Alaska vs. Statendam to Alaska would be helpful to me! I am considering booking one of the 7 day cruises. Is there anything for kids to do? I have a 15 & 11yr old (both boys). It sounds like most of the "cruisers" are older. What about shore excursions? Anything recommended for kids this age? Any info. would be appreciated! Thanks!


Sure wish we had your problem about choosing which ship. We enjoyed our last cruise on the Zaandam so much. Unfortunately the airfares from Florida really makes us think about more carribean cruises instead. Have fun.



I've never sailed the Zaandam to date and the Statendam cruise we took was RT to Hawaii. However, of the three HAL cruises we've been on, I didn't find significant differences in programming in Club HAL. So, I'd say choose based on the age/condition/size differences of the ship (if experienced cruisers can tell you of any) and itinerary. I think whatever you choose, the Club HAL programs will be roughly the same. And if you're cruising during the summer, when most children are out of school, your sons will have no trouble finding cruise friends and the activity programming will be full.