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Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by McGill, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. McGill

    McGill Guest

    How do I get from Zeebrugge toBruges by public transport?
  2. Gitte

    Gitte Guest

    Which ship and when?
    Sometimes there is a shuttle from Zeebrugge to Blankenberge - Station. In Blankenberge you can take a train to Brugge.
    Please give me more details.

  3. SylviaB

    SylviaB Guest

    If I'm not mistaken you can just take a bus from Zeebrugge to Brugge, it's about 20 minutes.
    You could also take the coast tram to Ostend and take a train from there.

  4. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Yes, there is a train and it's a very short trip.

    Zeebrugge is charming; really beautiful. I never saw such clean windows in an entire town that sparkled so brightly and were all adorned with beautiful Belgium lace curtains. I think there must be a law in that town/city that requires windows be washed daily :) We loved it there.
  5. McGill

    McGill Guest

    Thank you for your reply. It is Constellation sailing August 30 from Dover doing a 13 day Best of Europe.
  6. JudyA.

    JudyA. Guest

    When our ship docked at Zeebrugge, we had already arranged to have a cab waiting for us; for some reason, there are not a lot of cabs waiting at the port to make money off cruise passsengers at this stop. I had heard this warning before we went, and so I made sure we had something previously arranged. Those passengers who were just counting on a cab being available were out of luck...or had to wait for an hour for the few cab drivers there were to drop off their first load and come back for more. I'm not sure how far the bus/train station is from the port, as we didn't use those methods, but just thought I would warn you about the lack of cabs at this port. Bruges is absolutely darling, I can't wait to go back. The best chocolate I bought (and I bought some from almost every store) was from DUMON choclatiers. Their store is not on the main street, but if you ask around, you could get directed there, I'm sure. It's worth the effort.

    Have Fun!!

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