Zenith 8/23



Just got back from Bermuda and had a good time on our first cruise. (except for the kids plauing around with the elevators the last few days).

We loved Celebrity and would definatly consider using them again. We like sailing out of NY so if you know any other destinations please let me know



Glad you enjoyed, we are sailing the Zenith 9/20.. The new carnival Legend sails 8 days from NY to the carribean srping through fall. Next year the Voyager will sail also from NY to the carribean..I love it, so close to home. JANZ


Hey Frankd, we also just got back for the 8/23 sailing. Had a wonderful time.

Yes, those 12-16 yeat olds didn't have much to do after 9pm at nite. One evening, we were going back to our room around 1am and saw two young men in wheelchairs heading out the back door (deck 10). Just as I was admiring how they were getting around and having fun with their friends, one of them jumps out of the wheelchair and opens the door leading to the back deck and shouts "Hey guys we found two more!!! (wheelchair races?)

I then realized shananigans must be going on out there quite regularly. As my husband and I debated calling someone about the wheelchair incident, we heard a rather exasperated father hauling one of them down the hall and quite firmly (to his credit) was informing his son, "Thats it hand me your cruise card, your radio, come back to the room - you are grounded for the rest of today, and will be in the room by 11 pm each nite from now on!"

My only complaint is that it went just too fast. We had perfect weather, perfect seas, perfect food, a great room steward. The Dining room service was top notch. The Casino Slots were quite loose. And everywhere the staff was friendly and quite charming.

We used the bus/ferry pass in Bermuda. Every bus driver except one (must have been having a real bad day) was friendly and helpful. While he was fine with us, there were a couple of groups getting on the bus not greeting the bus driver - asking dumb questions (Bus sign said Hamilton and Bus number and people were asking is the Hamilton bus? Or equivalent questions and he gave slightly sarcastic answers ). Of course we bring both a detailed map and the bus schedule map with us and try to pay attention to the stops - we think that does make a difference in how the bus driver perceives us. We also make sure the driver knows what stop we want. The bus system was very efficient and they run every 15-20 minutes to most of the places we visited. The ferry was great as well.

Hartleys Helmut dive was worth doing. We visited Spittal pond for bird watching and also the Swizzle Inn for lunch. It was fun with pretty good food - right on the bus route with a stop directly across the street. The water was beautiful at Tobacco Bay. An overall relaxing trip.

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