Zenith at Christmas



We have noticed that the pricing on the Zenith immediately before Christmas, but still over the holiday school break is fabulous. We have cruised on RCCL, HAL and NCL and so far prefer RCCL for its traditional cruising, activities and ships. NCL was overly informal and HAL was simply too old for us and our two teen aged sons. This christmas we are thinking of taking our sons and both our parents on a cruise. Any thoughts as to Zenith for a five night cruise out of Miami immediately before Christmas. My wife and youngest son are very aware of the ship's movement and we are concerned that you may feel the sea too much on the smaller ship. Also, is the ship good for a 17 and 20 year old, both of which are ver comfortable with us.

Voyager - Christmas 2004
Zaandam - Christmas 2003
Norwegian Sea - christmas 2002
Monarch - Christmas 2001
Color Festivale - Christmas 2001


We have sailed the Horizon (Zeniths sister) & LOVED her! My wife & I are in our late 20's (OK, she turned 30 2 weeks ago, but we won't mention that). We loved the Horizon. Great size & one of the BEST crews we have ever had. As for motion, you will feel it a bit, but you are not going into the middle of the Atlantic, so it won't be too bad. We went to Bermuda & it was a bit rough going, but smooth as silk coming back. I would certainly recommend the Zenith.


The Zenith is not a great ship for sailing rough water. You will feel the motion if it is rough. Go prepared and you will be fine.