Melinda Kazmer

<HTML>Has anyone returned from the Zenith since she has departed from Baltimore? Has anyone taken busses from New York airports to get to the Zenith in Baltimore - If so, when did you get to Bermuda? What were the bus rides like?

A lot of us on the Repo cruise are getting a complete run-around from Celebrity - they changed the itinerary from Bermuda to three days at sea then San Juan - saying that it takes too long to get to Bermuda from Baltimore. Any information that anyone who has actually gone on the Zenith since Sept 11 would be most appreciated!



<HTML>Actually, it does take a lot longer to get to Bermuda from Baltimore than NYC. You have to go up the whole length of Chesapeake Bay and it is a no wake zone with a narrow shipping channel. It takes forever to get to the open sea. I remember reading on another board that it was mid to late afternoon when the ship pulled into Bermuda. I would be upset to miss Bermuda, but that just gives me more sea days (which I love!) :)</HTML>