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Zenith - cabins to avoid?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by nypisces, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. nypisces

    nypisces Guest

    Thinking of the Zenith out of NY to Bermuda this summer. Our only Celebrity experience was Summit this past January, which we loved!

    Any cabins on Zenith that are less-than-desireable? I know there are no balconies and that it's preferable to be mid-ship, but am concerned about noise and/or people peeking into our window while docked in Bermuda. Have read that she berths starboard side, so port side cabins might be better - true? Any advantage to the higher category outside cabins vs. the lower priced lower categories?

    Realize she much smaller than the Summit - what are the biggest differences between the two?

    As always, thanks for the help!
  2. LindaG

    LindaG Guest

    We cruised the Zenith last July to Bermuda. For the first time we decided to book an outside guarantee. We ended up on the Bahamas deck. The stateroom had an obstructed view, a lifeboat right smack out our window. It was better than an inside cabin because at least we did get daylight entering the cabin but we sure missed being able to enjoy the view of the ocean from our cabin. I would not want an obstructed view again unless the price was great. So, if you think this would deter from your enjoyment also, be aware that the cabins midship on the Zenith are obstructed, & don't believe them :nono if they tell you it's only 50% obstructed. Have fun!
  3. nypisces

    nypisces Guest

    Thanks, Linda! Wouldn't be happy staring at a lifeboat for a week!
    Are all the midship cabins obstructed view, or just those on the Bahamas deck? Were you port side or starboard?

    Anyone else have any advice?!
  4. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    First of all, all the cabins but the 1 & 2"s are pretty well the same size and bed set ups. There are several cabins that you can not move the single beds in eg 5086.
    Cat 8 around the bow curve have port holes instead of windows.
    All the Cat 7 cabins have trouble with view because of lifeboats and stairs.
    I'm not sure on the cat 4s on the Bahamas deck either they may be the ones that people can walk outside and as you say Peek in.
    Regarding peeking in the others. the windows are an ok size but I would think you are not going to be so close to the dock that anyone out there would cause you much concern. Only fellow pax and staff are allowed on the dock anyways and most of the time unless you would be real close to the gangways people are moving away quickly. Plus the tide will move you up and down also so that changes things too.
    Cat 5 is were we were and we were well above everthing on the dock. Cat 6 is the lowest level for pax and most of the time the gangway is a deck or two below that. One for sure.
    Hope that helps a little.
  5. LindaG

    LindaG Guest

    Nypices, to get a better idea of the different decks layouts, you can go to celebritycruises.com & check them out. Not all Bahamas decks cabins are obstructed views, though.
  6. nypisces

    nypisces Guest

    Thanks, Bob! But maybe I'm misunderstanding you - were you in a Category 5 or on Deck 5? The schematic I'm looking at has Category 6 cabins on the Florida (lowest) deck and the Category 5s on th Europa deck, one above Florida Deck.
    Sounds like we'd be better off higher up - like on Bahamas deck?
  7. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Sorry I could never remember the deck names. Following colours gets you home just fine after a few in the lounge.
    Cat six is lowest pax deck Florida
    Cat five is the europa deck

    At least it was before they started renaming some of the cats/

    Cat five will put you well above the dock as I will cat 6 unless there is a high dock and a low tide.
  8. charles73

    charles73 Guest

    Hi Nypisces,
    My wife and I were on the Zenith last Oct. We had a Cat 4 cabin on the caribbean deck towards the bow. It was cabin # 6023 oceanview. We orginally booked a Cat 4 on the bahama deck but found out there is a walkway outside of the room where ppl walks right by the window. I recomand you to book a lower catorgory on the caribbean deck mid-ship ( all oceanview cabins on caribbean deck are not obstructed). It's cheaper in price for the same exact room as Cat 4. Only difference is instead of a queen size bed in cat 4 cabin, its a combined 2 singles.
  9. lullman1

    lullman1 Guest

    I don't know about which to avoid but I can recommend the one we were in last September which was Suite 1010. It was our 10th anniversary. Nice cabin with a full jetted tub and our butler "David" pronounced Daaveed. Wanted a big cabin since we usually get a balcony.
  10. janz

    janz Guest

    Atlantic deck, (Cat3) book aft of the pool above..

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