Zenith Finished with Celebrity



any thoughts.!!!

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Zenith was our first Celebrity ship... this was way back in 1996. She was, at that time, the newest ship in the fleet. I still have the T-shirt with the names of all of the line's ships at the time...Zenith, Horizon, and Meridian. and the soon-to-be-inaugurated Century.

We had a cabin with a secret on that Zenith cruise. Cabin 9054 was listed as an obstructed view cabin -- yet we were between two life boats and had a completely unobstructed view.

My favorite cruise picture was taken on that cruise. I snapped a shot of PizzaBoy and DH walking on the outdoor promenade, holding hands. I was a few yards behind them. PB was just 3 years old at the time. I enlarged it to an 8x10, had it framed, and gave it to DH on Fathers Day. It's still displayed in our living room.

What memories...


I loved "the twins" as I called them, and was a repeat cruzer on both for many years doing the 'Mooda run from NYC.With Meridian on the sea floor and these two gone, its like the end of an era for me.


We were fortunate to sail the Horizon way back when it was new, doing 7 day cruises from San Juan. Then when the Zenith came out, we sailed it too.
We always wanted to sail the Horizon again and had the opportunity to do so from Tampa a few years ago and really enjoyed it.Then it was traded, sold or whatever happened but the Horizon as we knew it is gone forever.

Now we are sailing the Zenith again and luckily we are scheduled in jan. so the trade won't be a problem for us but soon the Zenith as we know it will too, be gone forever. It's sad to see both these fine ships go.

In a few years you won't have any ships to cruise on except those that are floating malls with boxing rings, pool halls, movie screens, putt-putt golf, etc.
I am waiting for one to come along with WWW F big time wrestling for entertainment and maybe a race track fo bumper cars.