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Harvey Albond

<HTML>On Zenith for repo cruise(s) on October 27th. Refugee from Cruise Critic. Two questions: 1) Does Zenith have internet capability and if so, what are the charges?
2) Are you allowed to use these small multi-channel personnal two way radios aboard ship? My wife is disabled and we need to keep in contact

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Harvey & Karen</HTML>

John B.


Perhaps we will be able to utizize this board for further discussions. I'm for giving the cruise critic a few days to see if they get back on line.

In the meantime, keep well and we'll se you in 20 days

John B.</HTML>


<HTML>Hi Harvey & Karen,

At this time, I don't believe Zenith has Internet access for passengers. Yes, you can use two-way radios and they work just fine.

Hope you like the Zenith as much as we do :)


Melinda Kazmer

<HTML>Hi fello NPPA ers - this is my favourite board - but have been visiting CC since we had such a good thread on it - we are getting our anticipation back for this cruise - doing lists to pack - thank you LindaC for all the info on your site - even though we have taken many cruises - it is always good to seek out new info. When I spoke with american airlines yesterday, they reminded me that you can't bring aerosol cans in your carry on luggage - thought it was worth a mention. The usual "sharp" things as well - it's ok in checked luggage though - 20 days to go!


<HTML>Just on the Zenith in Sept of this year, no internet access but in St George there is an internet cafe, and in the Emporium in Hamilton is a machine where for a couple of dollars you can log on and check email, ie. yahoo , aol..

The two way radios are allowed, we brought ours but they really didnt work...