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Zenith or Horizon???

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Stacy, May 2, 2002.

  1. Stacy

    Stacy Guest

    I need help! Which ship should I go on? They both go to Bermuda just in the reverse itinerary...
    Need to decide today.
  2. ToniRock

    ToniRock Guest

    I like Horizon better:
    Its almost the same as the Zenith BUT with the Horizon you are in Hamilton longer which most people like better AND you get a $50 debit card per adult to use in any shop that takes it.. so its like getting another $100 back per couple
    You can use it in shops or restaurants etc

    Most people feel there is no difference between the two ships but i think Horizon is slightly better!
  3. anton

    anton Guest

    Well, let's just have ol' anton weigh in on the side of the Zenith, shall we?

    Our last cruise on her was to Bermuda, and you couldn't have wished for a friendlier staff and a better itinerary than we had on the Zenith!
    We preferred having the extra day in St. George, which Miz Anton and myself found to be a much more enjoyable "walking around" experience than Hamilton.
    Also, when we went, the Horizon was to be in St. George first, but, owing to Hurricane Isaac, had to stay in Hamilton instead, and wound up being there for the entire trip.
    That said, since you are staying at either port, you can reach the entire island, beaches and all, by bus or ferry. The ferry run from Hamilton to the Royal Naval Dockyard was great fun, btw.

    Hope this helps,

  4. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Matter of what fits you best, they are sister ships with minor differences. As far as the length of stay in each port you are going to get a lot of different answers. We prefer Hamilton to St Georges, but we always take the Zenith. My thought with this itinerary and these ships it is a whatever works thing.
  5. Stacy

    Stacy Guest

    Thanks everyone for your advice! I'm going to close my eyes, and pick a ship name out of a hat!
    Will post again after my cruise (6/1) and let you know how it was.
    Happy Cruising!
  6. BSeaBob

    BSeaBob Guest

    Stacy that's what I would do if the itinery of one or the other makes no diff. But. I would also pick the Zenith. reason?? Not sure really.. little softer around the cova cafe?? Horison used to have an extra bar on top deck though!!! So the flip would be a good solution I'm a thinkin"...
  7. Adam n H

    Adam n H Guest

    We liked being in Hamilton longer because it is more central to activities around the island. If you don't care about see the WHOLE island then I recommend staying in St Georges longer because it is more quaint, but not as much night life. If you are a golfer, stay in St. George longer. The municipal course is walking distance, overlooks the ship, and very reasonable.
  8. JeffStern

    JeffStern Guest

    I We prefer the Zenith because the Horizon doesn't have hot tubs...
  9. BSeaBob

    BSeaBob Guest

    jeff/ I thought this also but recent cruiser's say they have them by the pool now.
  10. Adam2

    Adam2 Guest

    I would preffer the Zenith only becuase it is two years newer than the Horizon and it got it's renovation after the Horizon.

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