Zenith spruce up?



Does anyone know if X's Zenith will get a quick spruce up in between it's last Bermunda itinerary mid October and it's first W. Carrib. itinerary Nov. 5? Reviews are starting to make me a little nervous...


If by reviews you mean the reviews here at the c-@ site, then I don't see what you're nervous about.
Of the fourteeen most recent c-@ reviews specific to the Zenith I found on this site, only one was remotely negative, and that only as regards passenger load, (heavier than normal, something the ship has no control over) and lack of variety in the venues to be enjoyed. This last is to be expected, as a 1994 vintage ship of 47k tons cannot hope to compete ten years on with the current floating city "Mega-ships," no matter how many refits it undergoes. The rest of the reviews were wholly positive, with ratings at the four and five star level.
The Zenith is a class act in her own right, one of the best cruise ships ever built by Meyer-Werft. Da Miz and I sailed on her our first trip to Bermuda, and were spoiled absolutely rotten by the service, crew and comfort. She is also an incredibly stable and seaworthy vessel sailing in the North Atlantic in late September, a season not noted for mill-pond smooth seas.
I strongly recommend her as a cruise ship.
Come get spoiled.



I plan to December 12th when we finally get to board the Zenith! I am looking forward to this cruise and ship. I have heard that there are alot of repeat passengers on her every sailing so she must be doing something right?! And I for one can't wait to find out what?