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Zenith to Bermuda-Room Service



<HTML> We are taking our first Celebrity Cruise next month to Bermuda- we live in NY so this is an easy one !
Although I love Princess and understand the sentimental feeling towards the Pacific Princess, I felt it wasnt the best choice for me as I am traveling with my two daughters.
I know that we were spoiled by the dining options on the Grand- I am trying to find out what alternatives there are if we do not make it to dinner.. Some people make it sound like it is hard to find food on Celebrity.. You know how kids are- they would rather eat frequently than sit down and eat for two hours every night. I anticipate the dining room experience- and my kids are well versed in the formal dinner experience as veterans of several vacations with this format. But sometimes, due to the seas or fatigue, it is better to not push it. Also this will be the first time that I am sharing a table as usually we are a large table (this is just half the family traveling). I dont want to impose on tablemates- and I ceratinly anticipate some adult conversation !
Thanks for any input. I notice there are no refigerators in the cabin which adds to the problem.</HTML>


<HTML>I have always wondered about those people that say they have had difficulty in getting food on Celebrity. Oh well. As cruzship says room service is available. When last on the Zenith it went like this AM 6:30-7:30 Sunrise Breakfast @ Windsurf cafe/ 6:30-10 Continental BF stateroom on request/ 6:30-12 mn Cofffe & Tea & Windsurf/ 7-9- open seating bf main restaurant/ 7:30-10AM Breakfast buffet windsurf/ 10-1130 BF for later risers windsurf/ 10-12 non muffins Harry's Tavern/Cova Cafe/ 1030-11 Bouliion windsurf/ 12 noon 2 PM Open seating Main rest./ 12 noon 2-30 buffet windsurf. same hrs for the grill out back for hotdogs etc./ 3-5 pastries and cookies - Harrys/Cova/ 3PM 7 PM pizza at the windsurf/ 4-5 PM tea - windsurf. (all those fancy little sangy's (lol)/ 4-6 frozen yogurt windsurf port side.(duel with the old folks to get your share ;-)) / 6:15 main seating 8:30 late. 6:30-8:30. casual Alternative dining in the Windsurf.(Need reservations before 5 PM) 10-1AM pizza in the windsurf. and then the midnight buffet or something somewhere . enjoy Our favorite ship !!! Likley will be a little different because of being docked in Bermuda would you not think.</HTML>

Jamman and Patti

<HTML>Thanks for the info guys!! We're on the Zenith to Bermuda in July!!

Jamman & Patti

(27 days til the Phlamingo Phrolic Brunch cruise, 54 days til the Zenith)</HTML>


<HTML>Anyone who says they have problems finding food on a Celebrity ship have got to either have bats in the belfry or not playing with a full deck. You won't go hungry on Celebrity or any other cruise line I am sure. There is always something to nibble on that is certain,remember,room service is a wonderful thing. On a ship room service is FREE,in a hotel you have to pay for it,,,the Food that is!</HTML>

maria :o)

<HTML>jacqueline -
what date are you sailing. i'll be on the 6/30 zenith sailing to bermuda with my two sons (17 and 11).