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ZERO digits!!!

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by BruinSteve, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. BruinSteve

    BruinSteve Guest

    Got into my office and took a look at my little battery-powered desktop digital countdown clock...I've been watching this thing tick away for a long time now...
    And,,,this morning, the big number at the top finally says "0 DAYS"...
    ...Of course, that's because it counts down to "D-Day" not to the exact time of departure...
    I'm actually leaving in, as of this posting, approximately 31 hours...(I count to the minute the shuttle or limo is supposed to arrive at my door to take me to the airport...
    About 4:30 or 5 tomorrow afternoon, they'll pick us up at home and drive us to LAX from where we'll catch a flight to Heathrow on American, then change planes to a British Airways flight to Stockholm Arlanda--arriving 8:00 pm Stockholm time on Wednesday...Three nights at the Hilton, then we head off on the Celebrity Constellation for 14 nights in the Baltic...then disembark in London, three nights there, then home...

    I wish you were all going with me...
  2. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    :thumb Congratulations, you'll be off before you know it!
  3. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    =funsign Steve :thumb
  4. The wait and anticipation of your Baltic cruise has finally arrived. Have a wonderful vacation.
  5. NiteStar

    NiteStar Guest

    I hope you have a FABULOUS time!! We expect LOTS of pictures!
  6. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Enjoy and take LOTS of =photo

  7. Brian J

    Brian J Guest

    Have a great time!!!!!:)-D
  8. audrey

    audrey Guest

    have a great cruise
  9. Corky

    Corky Guest

    [quote BruinSteve]I wish you were all going with me...[/quote]

    Yes, we wish we were going with you as well. :lol

    Have a Marvy trip and cruise and can't wait to hear all about it!! :party
  10. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    You are banned for having such a great vacation in front of you! Have a wonderful time, and don't think ONCE about all of us back here!
  11. gottacruz

    gottacruz Guest

    happy bon voyage and have a safe trip, wish i were going.
  12. pegport

    pegport Guest

    How exciting! Have a wonderful time. :thumb
  13. Gayle V

    Gayle V Guest

    Bon Voyage, Steve. :wave
  14. Have a great cruise!!
  15. Donna - dsw

    Donna - dsw Guest

    What a great trip! Enjoy!
  16. Rubysky

    Rubysky Guest


    Have a great time.

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