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Zip line excursion in Mexico

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Ellen P, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Ellen P

    Ellen P Guest

    I am trying to find out more about the zip line excursions in Mexico. They say you should be in "top physical health" and I don't know what that means. I'm not really concerned about the zip line, but rather the rappelling at the end. Also, does anyone have any thoughts about the difference between the Cabo Canopy (in Cabo) and the Jungle Canopy (in Puerta Vallarta)? I am 66 and not a couch potato.

    Thanks for any advice,
  2. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    This is quite an advnture for sure and one that LOTS of folks look into. It requires quite a bit of strength and coordination to attempt. The main cause for injuries is when U arrive at a platform station before your next jaunt downward. These platforms tend to come up faster than folks expect and higher than folks expect.

    Thus the reason for MOST of the injuries is from not arriving at the platform in the right position and crashing into it. We had one of our group do just that and thankfully it was in Puerto Vallarta where the hospital and Drs were VERY good and took good care of them.

    The injuries incured were to the lower leg and ankle area and required further surgery when they arrived home. The hospital patched them up and wheelchaired them back to the ship with painkillers in hand. Once onboard they met with the medical staff and they determined taht they could remain onboard and transit back to San Fran.

    The folks involved in this incident handled the situation VERY well and I am sure would be the 1st ones to tell of the FUN that they had. They also would be here to describe ALL the pain and difficulty incured in their final days onboard and their transits home. Thankfully 6 months later they have completed the additional surgery and are once again in dancing mode so to speak.

    I am NOT trying to talk U aout of this excursion but I certainly would look into it MUCH more if I were U. If U do decide to do it then PLEASE take these precautions. #1 - make sure the excursion IS a sanctioned Princess excursion as they will make sure that the outfit running this excursion meets ALL the requirements in regards to safety. #2 - make sure U have taken out the addition Cruise insurance coverage just in case U need it as it will come in VERY handy if a mishap occurs.

    Happy travles and I hope U enjoy yout Mex. Riviera adventure on the High Seas. :thumb

  3. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    =yeah as a nurse, and Dear friend to the buddy who crashed..:(..sigh I am 48 and in very good shape.. ( actually the best in many years..) and JMHO..not a chance of trying it, actually skating on Hell is in line first!!it is not for the faint of heart, or those who are not good risk-takers.. since my employment would be shot right down the tube.. it's about up there with kissing my financial feeling of darn good security shot..=shrug..hundreds do have a great time.. Me..NOT going to happen..:grin.. Happy research!!...:)..Joanne ,
  4. Ellen P

    Ellen P Guest

    Thank you for your thoughts about my question. Do you know if your friends were on a "sanctioned excursion?" The zip line adventure is something I really would like to try. A friend of mine went on one in Hawaii and found it to be very safe as well as exhilarating. I just wonder if the experience is different in different countries. Any thoughts?

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