Zip Ties OK?



I was under the impression that you could still lock your luggage, but if they wanted in, the could snip off the lock. The local news talked to the head of security here at Grater Pittsburgh and he said cable/zip ties were OK.

I have a real problem with not being able to lock my luggage when I go on vacation flights. Sure, I carry my camera on, but my scuba equpipment and my wife's snorkeling gear would be a bit much to carry on.


It seems to depend on the airport and what type equipment/personnel they have in place.


Gerry I read in one post, yesterday I believe, that they are saying it may be too much trouble and take too much time to cut locks so they will just ship the luggage back to you and deny you boarding. You may want to find out what the airports en route to your destination are doing ... you wouldn't want to be standing in an airport with locked luggage in hand and no where to go? Laurey


I have not looked at the break apart ties, but I think I am going to just use the child safe locks I have at home. they are two cable like locks that require the user to push a button and pull they tie out , but they can be reattached to relock the bag. they are made by safty first. this should at least keep the zippers on your suitcase from opening duing handling! :)