Zipline Tour - Costa Rica



Has anyone done the Zipline Tour thru Princess in Costa Rica? What kind of physical condition does this tour require? I'm not in that good of shape, 63 y/o.


[quote rjregh] I'm not in that good of shape, 63 y/o.

Would be in your best interest to not do it in my opinion, just not worth the chance of spending the balance of your cruise in a cast. The zipline is not necessarily strenuous as they pretty much have you strapped into a harness and you just ride the line, but as an example when you get to the platform you may need to take quick action to position yourself for the landing and if you don't judge right you will have to make some fancy last minute moves, FAST. On our last Mexico trip, granted not Costa Rica, one of our group splatted a tree, broke her foot/ankle, yup spent the rest of the cruise in a cast. And you will have signed a waiver saying that the zipline company is in no way responsible, even if the line were to break and you go to the bottom, it will be your responsibility to crawl out of the canyon yourself.........................

Cruise cutie

:wave =yeah I'm with him.. was on that ship sailing.. when Kat Kruiser hit that tree...:(.. would not go near that and I'm a tip top strength at a young 48 years old.. , and there is NOT ENOUGH $$ in the US Treasury to risk my financial health, and own personal bones to do matter what country it is in...
I realise tons of folks do it.. good on them...Best thoughts as you contemplate it..ME NOT ever going to happen..JMHO...=twocents.....:)..Joanne


My wife and I did the zip line in Costa Rica in 2007. You don't need to be in great shape to do it. I would recommend it highly. The only problem I had was the trees are high up and a small 3 foot platform around the tree. If you go, you'll notice my fingernail marks on every tree.;)


I went horseback riding in St. Thomas years back, and watched in horror as the woman behind me was thrown and repeatedly stomped on her head, broke her skull open (she was wearing a helmet, did no good) and had hoofprints all over her body. You will never get me on a horse again and I will never again take a tour where I could be killed. These tours are not Disneyland - they are independently owned local yocals. The cruise line bears no responsibility whatsoever if you are seriously injured or killed. Most people don't understand that, and I think the cruise lines should do a better job at making sure people understand YES, passengers are killed and injured and it is NOT a freak occurance. I'll save my thrills for amusement parks with insurance and good hospitals nearby. I used to parasail, but now they make everyone fly tandem, (saving gas I guess), I prefer to fly alone! Ha.