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Zui Movie Question

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by LUV2Cruz2, May 31, 2005.

  1. LUV2Cruz2

    LUV2Cruz2 Guest

    Anyone been on the 7 day Zui itinerary that goes to Grand Cayman, Playa Costa (?) and KW who knows what the stateroom movies have been lately?

    I don't know how often they change them, but does anyone even know I can find out before I go?

  2. Frank Black

    Frank Black Guest

    The last few times I was on HAL, they showed movies in the rooms and in their theater that were about 60-90 days away from DVD release. As an example, The Aviator and Spanglish came out on DVD a week or two ago. These were on the ship last March. . So check www.imdb.com and look up DVD's future release.
  3. LUV2Cruz2

    LUV2Cruz2 Guest

    Thank you.
    Has anyone been on the Zui in the last month on the Grand Cayman-Mexico-Key West 7 day run that remembers what flicks were in the rooms?

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