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Zuiderdam 8/16/03 lets do a roll call again !!

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by Mr Veendam, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. Mr Veendam

    Mr Veendam Guest

    Hi lets do another roll call for the 8/16/03 cruise on board the Zuiderdam !!
    Mr Veendam
  2. tmgable

    tmgable Guest

    Mr. Veendam, haven't seen you on the "other" message board lately (CC). Didn't know you were going to be on my sailing.....there are 7 of us joining you on the Zuiderdam on 8/16. CAN'T WAIT!!!! :)
  3. Mr Veendam

    Mr Veendam Guest

    Hi yes ther are 4 of us going my self wife and 2 boy's can't wait !!1
    Mr Veendam
  4. Driz

    Driz Guest

    My husband and I will be there with our 2 daughters, 12 and 17. Does anyone else sailing on that date have children around those ages?
  5. kroozlover

    kroozlover Guest

    Wife, myself and 11 yr old daughter. Hey Mr. Veendam, good to have you back on the boards!
  6. Mr Veendam

    Mr Veendam Guest

    It's great to be back and can't wait for the cruise !! It sould be just great and fun too !!
    Mr Veendam
  7. Stridje

    Stridje Guest

    Hello everyone,

    Am new to the boards (this one and Cruisemates) and have enjoyed, appreciated and been enlighted by what I've read. A group of 7 of us (Mom and Dad in early '70s, my brother and his wife (39/40), plus my husband (43), myself (41) and 11-year-old daughter) will join you on Zdam's 8/16 sailing. Cannot wait! Thank you in advance for translating your incredible insight and experience into well-written posts. I aim to return the favor and add my own experiences (not opinions) after our return.

    My 2nd HAL cruise (M'dam 3/31/02) and third overall. So have some cruising experience; more than my brother & sister-in-law, but less than my parents who have logged 100+ days with HAL. Talk about a cross-section of ages & experience! I already know this will be a vacation of (our) lifetime and look forward to wonderful memories. We're a flexible lot with different tastes and interests, but I'm confident the "Z" will meet or exceed or expectations. An open mind will alleviate/overcome some of the smaller disappointments, as well as enable one to fully absorb new and different sights and smells (and I don't mean the *smell* issues previous posters have experienced!)

    Did I say I cannot wait until our cruise?!? Bon voyage, everyone.
  8. we2wed

    we2wed Guest

    hello all,

    i am new to cruise addict. i've been talking a bit to 8/16 cruisers on the "other" board. i recognize a name or two, here.

    my son, my dad, and myself are sailing. we have cruised before but this is our first HAL experience.

    just think, one week from today and we'll be boarding. i just want to chill out, relax in the sun, eat as much as i can possibly fit in my tummy, and have a glass of wine while dancing a jig. maybe two glasses and two jigs! probably sounds similar to your plan? right?

    hope we bump into each other on board...or on the dance floor.

    happy and safe sailing,


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