Zuiderdam 8/21/04



Hi all,

I read all your threads with great pleasure, I'm soo excited to see how many of you love the "Z"! This will be my first HAL cruise and third overall, although I was 12 on my last cruise and am now 26! The SS Norway (NCL) was brand new then...:)

Couple general questions...

It's me, my mom and my sister all in cabin 5116. Anyone had this cabin and have any thoughts...

Anyone on my same sailing, and from past experience, are there tons of kids on this last sailing the week before some schools start? I know some are already in session that weeks (poor kids...)

I will be diving (hence my username) in both Coz and Grand Cayman, in the morning...any tips for getting onto the earliest tender in GC even though I'm not booked thru HAL?

And finally, is it worth the $69 for the one tank 12 foot dive on HMC? Seems a bit steep when I could snorkel 12 feet no problem for $49...

Thanks, can't wait (let's see, 54 days and counting...)



One more thing...

Do they hand check and/or Xray your bags coming back onto the ship from the ports? So what I'm really asking is can I buy some rum and stick it in my dive equipment bag?


Hello divinggirl,

We are booked on the same 8/21 Cruise as you and I'm sure you will have a great time. We were on the "Z" last year, during the same week and there was not that many kids on board (compared to earlier weeks). Many schools in the South are back in session by this time.

Your cabin is in a good location, right in the middle so the ride there is as smooth as it gets.

On tender days, show up for tender tickets at least 20 minutes early so you get the first tender if you want to be first off.

While I have only done "discovery" dives, the water in Cozumel was wonderful. Very clear and you just walked in from shore.

Last year they didn't confiscate booze, but I'm told that this has now changed. They do x-ray your carry-on bags but they will return all of your purchases the last night. Sometimes they let it go.

e-mail if you have any other questions,


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Fantastic!! Thanks for your prompt response!!

Anyone have any thoughts on the BA cabin and three people? I've been reading that the BC-BA verandahs are smaller than the A and B cabins...Will we all three be completely smushed if we try to eat out there?

Maybe the upgrade fairies will look kindly upon triple occupancy and bestow a gift!!

One can always hope....



Don't count on getting off the boat early in GC. We were in an S (suite) and given priority boarding. We still didn't make it on time to our independant excursion with
NativeWay Watersports. Thank goodness, Sharon the Nativeway rep took us to
7 mile beach for about an hour then we were able to board her boat for Stingray City.

Go to Chaanknaub Park in Cozumel. It is beautiful! Great snorkeling/diving! You will love it.


Well, that leads to my next question...I believe the time zones for both Coz and GC are Central, does the ship turn it's clocks back an hour? Meaning, if it says we dock at, say, 8 AM in GC, will that really be 7 AM local time?

I'm sure this has been covered in previous posts, sorry.


Almost always the ship's clocks will be reset to local time.

BUT...NOT ALWAYS. Pay close attentio to the announcement and read the daily program. It will tell whether to turn your clock back/ahead.

Also...your steward will leave a card on your pillow informing you when the clocks will be changed.

Santa Fe Jim

Re: the question about cabin size. There is a valuable website that gives descriptions, layouts of various categories of cabins on many different ships.

Try http://www.cruisestateroom.com/Holland/zuiderdam.htm

Theoretically all the verandah staterooms are the same, but there are exceptions, like the stern "A"s and handicap cabins -- I'm not sure if there are other exceptions, but the primary difference in the verandahs is location.



That site just give the same info as HA.com, I think...I had read somewhere (on this board, I think) that the single letter cabins (ie. A, B) had wider verandahs.

Any thoughts on whether we'll be cramped out there? I dont't even know if there are three chairs on the verandah!

One other question...I check prices for trips constantly, even after I book them (I'm neurotic!) and I went to HA.com yesterday afternoon to check prices for my sailing and they had almost doubled from the week before? I didnt't book through HA.com, but might this be because it's now less than 8 weeks to sailing? I was just astounded at the increase!!


The prices are going up because the ship is starting to fill up and they can get more revenue from the fewer remaining cabins. It doesn't mean that they won't drop again closer to sailing if people balk at the higher price. Cabins that hold a 3rd or 4th passenger also get scarce late in the game.

Sorry no one has gotten back yet on your question of three adults on the balcony. I haven't been in your category but getting three people seated around a small table out on the balcony may be too tight for comfort. Maybee someone else can answer from first hand experience.

Hope to see you on the cruise.

Lou & Cindy


Three people will be smushed if you try to eat on the balcony. We have been smushed with two people and a table.