Zuiderdam Aft Balconies



We are booked for an October cruise on the Zuiderdam, with an aft balcony on the Rotterdam Deck. I know it is somewhat exposed to the upper decks, I am just wondering is there any part that is covered for shade and privacy?


Lady Jag

From what I remember, there is a small overhanging. Definitely not much to speak of though. Hopefully someone will respond that knows more than I do.

I thought I had a picture of it, but I guess I don't. One thing I definitely do remember is how incredibly large the balcony was. We've had some aft suites with big balconies, but they can't compare to those on the Vista Class ships!! =eek Also, I'll never forget how pretty the patio furniture was - it's wicker or wicker-like and looks SO much nicer than so many of the other cruise lines' patio furniture! :thumb


The space closely abutting the glass door which leads from the cabin to the veranda, is not visible to people looking down from higher decks.

The veranda is huge by anyone's standards but you do sacrifice by having a smaller cabin than the square footage for the "S" suites on port and starboard sides of the ship. Those cabins are already smaller than all the other "S" cabins on the "S" class ships, Rotterdam and Zaandam series....so these aft ones are noticeably smaller to anyone accustomed to "S" suites on all but the Vista Class ships. (Prinsendam is different altogether).

It is our preference to not have an aft cabin anyway....we don't care for the location or view/vibration so it would not be our choice to sacrifice cabin space in order to have far more veranda space than we would ever need.

The verandahs on the sides of the ship really are plenty big IMO


There is some "privacy area" on the balconies, but not enough for me to feel comfortable going au' natural. If that's what you have in mind, check with the Purser's Office. Sometimes it is 'allowed' on the island area above the Observation Deck on Sports Deck level.


If you are in an aft suite, the portion of the balcony which is on the side, is completely covered. That portion of the balcony is roughly 6 ft x 12 ft. If you are in one of the cat. A cabins, they are totally exposed to decks above except on Navigation Deck, where they are totally covered by the Lido Deck overhang.