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Zuiderdam Aug 16

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by kroozlover, May 21, 2003.

  1. kroozlover

    kroozlover Guest

    Hi to all.,
    Sailing on the Zuiderdam with Wife and Daughter. Who else is going? I enjoy reading sail7seas comments and hope he is sailing B2B with us. This is my 30th cruise and about 5th with HAL. All comments, suggestions, criticisms welcome!!!
    All the best!
  2. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Hi kroozlover....

    :) "HE" is a "SHE".. :grin.. ...thanks for your nice comments about my posts.

    I wish we were scheduled to be aboard with you but, we don't board until you leave.
    We had a really wonderful time on our last set of b-to-b's on Zuiderdam and hope you have as good a time as we did. We are eager to return.

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  3. kroozlover

    kroozlover Guest

    Thanks for your reply! We will make sure the ship is in shape for your vacation. I have enjoyed your unbiased, professional comments. All too often, I have encountered posts on the various boards which, while written with all the best intentions, seem somewhat shallow or lacking a well-rounded view. Your comments have been helpful. My main concern has been the issue of "odors." I am the owner of a travel agency although
    it is not my main occupation. Nonetheless, I spoke with some people in the agent sales office who did admit to the problem as well as damage done to carpeting fom the sewage.
    They said the problem has been fixed and that the ship is still undergoing a bit of "new fever" That said, I a m confident that by the time we embark, there will be no "major" issues but rather, the complaints will be normal for the most part.
    Again, thansk for your comments.. We will continue to post and remain in touch!
    All the best.
  4. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    kroozlover.....Thank you for your kind words. We have been fortunate to have been on a great many cruises on a great many ships. I suppose at some point in our cruising experience, I have learned what I consider important aboard any ship and when providing comments on the boards I try to cover issues I think most readers have questions about or in about which they may be interested.

    We encountered none of the foul odors about which I have heard others make comment. It would be hard to miss such a thing if it existed.

    I don't work for HAL...I don't work outside the house at all :) so my comments regarding HAL are very simply my impressions and my experiences while aboard.

    I sincerely hope you enjoy your cruise on Zuiderdam as much as we did. We had a wonderful two weeks.

    If you think of any questions, please ask away :)
  5. kroozlover

    kroozlover Guest

    Great reply to my reply. Much appreciated. I will take you up on your offer of feeling free to ask questions but will not take advantage of the offer either! Anyway, just a few:
    -We have a cat S and wondered if this permits early embarkation.
    -Regarding vibrations in the Dining Room lowe level...did you experience this? It was noticeable on the Ryndam and Maasdam but I attribute it to being at seas so it is kind of enjoyable for me(maybe I am a little crazy:) Anyway I value your opinion as to if you did experience it, if the vibration was "above average?"
    -Regarding the Odyssey/Pinnacle restaurant...what days in declining order would you suggest dining there?
    That's all...see I said I would not take advantage! Thanks.
    All the best.
  6. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Category "S" gets you priority embarkation as well as disembarkation. HAL always embarks passengers in wheelchairs first and then those hold "Priority Embarkation Cards" which are pax in "PS" and "S" cabins. (It's great!! :) )

    We were upper level forward in the dining room and felt absolutely no unusual, excessive or even noticeable vibration. I think it is true that the tables on the lower level at the stern are experiencing more vibration than they should. Have your TA request a table on the upper level of the dining room. Should not be a problem as "S" usually get their table requests granted.

    I highly recommend going to Odyssey one evening. It is a really beautiful room, with superior service and the food is wonderful. During our two weeks aboard, we dined there three times and loved each dinner there. If you are a beef eater, the ribeye steaks and the portherhouses are as good as we have ever had at any of the highly touted, well-known steakhouses.

    If you like chocolate......a MUST is "Volcano" for dessert. It is a chocoholic's idea of heaven.

    As to which evening....are you Eastern or Western itinerary? The menus are not exactly in the same order. I posted all of the menus from our two weeks on CC....I'll provide a link to that thread if you wish.

    Don't worry about asking too many questions....I never get tired of talking cruises and HAL cruises in particular :)
  7. kroozlover

    kroozlover Guest

    Gee sail7seas...you are the best! Thanks for all the great comments. We are sailing eastern so I thought of dining in the Odyssey on Monday evening since it is an at sea
    day. Your thoughts are appreciated when you get a chance.
    Thanks again.
  8. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Monday is the night we went on our Eastern itinerary and we had a wonderful evening. Relaxed on board all day; dressed leisurely for dinner; had a cocktail (or maybe two...sssh, don't tell anyone :wink ) and then a fabulous evening in Odyssey. (FYI, a jacket is required for gentlemen in Odyssey...tie optional).

    There is a lovely bar at the Odyssey Restaurant if you wish pre/post dinner drinks there or, of course, your choice of any of the other lounges.

    As soon as you board and see your cabin, drop your carryons and meet your steward who will, undoubtedly drop in very soon after he sees you arrive, go to the Neptune Lounge and ask the Concierge to book your Odyssey reservation. It's a good chance to meet her before she gets too busy and once you chat with her once, she will know you immediately when you return to Neptune to get a wonderful cappucino, espresso or whatever. :)
  9. kroozlover

    kroozlover Guest

    Thanks sail7seas!!! Your help is priceless.
  10. Mr Veendam

    Mr Veendam Guest

    Hi we will also be on the Zuiderdam on august 16 . Myself wife and 2 boys 10 &12. 59th cruise for us 19th for our boys . 3rd time with HAL the other 2 times was on the Veendam . Looking forward to having a really great time like always!!
    Mr Veendam
  11. kroozlover

    kroozlover Guest

    Mr. V,
    I was wondering where you have been. Have not seen you on this or other boards. Anyway..we are counting the days!. The boards seem to be going in the right direction with respect to most of the kinks beeing worked out. sail7seas has provided great info and I think her opinion reflects a very professional, unbiased review of the shape of the ship.
    I think it will be just fine. Just got off the Nor dawn and had a great time but I still have a place in my heart for HAL!
    All the best.

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