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Zuiderdam Balcony's

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by Tammi, May 31, 2004.

  1. Tammi

    Tammi Guest

    Iam getting ready to book 12 Balcony rooms, Which deck has the best Balcony's? I understand one deck does not have the see through glass on the balcony's so I do not want to book that deck. Thanks for any info

  2. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    What categories are you booking? Do you want mid-ship or Aft? The aft verandas are huge for some of the suites but the rooms themselves are smaller.
  3. Tammi

    Tammi Guest

    Iam looking at mid-ship, verandah deck. We don't want to have to look over the railing to see anything.
  4. my3kids

    my3kids Guest

    Oh no! SOme balconies are not the see thru plexi glass??? Say is isn't so! Which group do not have clear railings? I want to be able to see the sea!
  5. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    I think they are all see through on the Vista ships. Why would some be clear and others not? Tammi....You said "you understand" that is the case. Do you know where you got that impression?
  6. my3kids

    my3kids Guest

    Oh my goodness, Sail7Seas....I hope you are right. I would be so sad to find out the only way to watch the water sail by was to stand at the railing. We on in a balcony room on the verandah deck.
  7. bep_sf

    bep_sf Guest

    Actually, if you look really closely at exterior shots of the Vista Class ships - the first 15 (or so) verandahs on either side of Upper Promenade Deck have steel bulkheads instead of glass rails...

  8. my3kids

    my3kids Guest

    So ONLY forward category B rooms on the Upper Promenade deck have an enclosed balcony? I'm surprised they aren't sold as BC rooms if they don't have the view advertised in the brochure.
  9. Mary Ann

    Mary Ann Guest

    I certainly agree with you that these rooms should be BC. We booked a BB guarantee and ended up with one of these rooms. I am very unhappy about it as we usually sit for hours on our balcony and enjoy the ocean. I don't think there is anything that can be done except hope for another upgrade.
  10. SQD

    SQD Guest

    We were in a Category B, Verandah deck (#5), cabin 5009 (forward); our balcony was slightly tinted plexiglass below the railing.
  11. stevesan

    stevesan Guest

    Look in one of HAL's brochure's such as May 2004-Dec 2005, Caribbean Cruises, page 69 for the Vista class ships. A diamond shape symbol indicates: " Staterooms have solid steel verandah railing instead of clear-view Plexiglas railing." Forward Cabins 4001 thru 4042 on the Upper Promenade deck are annotated with the diamond. I don't see any others.
  12. deepthinker

    deepthinker Guest

    B4166 and B4164 are excellent rooms if you have 2 parties going. They have extra long balconies because there is a hallway between these 2 rooms. If you open up door between balconies you have about a 30 ft. balcony (plexiglass). These are on Upper Promenade deck. Excellent rooms!

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