Zuiderdam Cabin 7131 - ????? new to HAL



HI to everyone and thanks in advance for all the amazing help I know I will recieve as I always have before.

OK, cruised Celebrity, Carnival, RCCL & Princess. Never HAL, looking forward to it.

We decided sort of at the last minute, about 60 days before cruise to go. It is our 15th anniversary, we sort of "over cruised" last year and decided to take it easy on our checkbook and not cruise this year - well that worked out well!!!

Here are the questions.

Anyone had VA 7131 aft.

We love aft, love the big balconies and the wake, usually book a balcony or mini suite cabin, so the sq. footage of the cabin seems fine. Would consider an upgrade to S, but the two avail. one is handicapped and one the boards are showing 100sq ft smaller than average, so seems a lot of money (extra $900.00) to upgrade since we lucked into an aft VA with big balcony.

I would appreciate advice on this for anyone who has had a VA or S on Zuiderdam.

Confliciting info. on storage space and can't really tell from photos. Is storage space a problem? (it always is, but is it more than the ususal problem on a ship)

We are not to picky, we understand things will happen, we always figure hey - caribbean, no work, no cooking??? how bad can it be. So we are not to concerned about the random bad review or small problems that pop up.

Can anyone tell me how much of Rotterdam aft balconies are covered?

Is it true that the aft cabins on Zuiderdam are "skinner" than the average VA?

Any personal experience, any photos would be greatly appreciated.



I was in cabin 8135 a couple of years ago and had a very good view of 7131 from my balcony above. Your cabin has a very large balcony, about 130 sq ft, and having been an an A catagory recently on the Z, there was plenty of storage space for the two of us. Only a very small portion of your cabin balcony is covered, but it is the same width as other cat. A cabins (about 10 x 13 ft). Have a great cruise!


Just got off the "Z" last Saturday. I had 5187, an "S " corner aft and my cousin had 5185 a VA next door. For the aft VA, balcony is plenty big enourh with two lounge chairs on it and as Cruzman says most of it is uncovered.

As for the S Cat, there is plenty of storage room. We had areas we did not even use. If it is an aft "S" cat, then the cabins are a little smaller than the other "S" cats , but the balcony is bigger. We prefer the bigger balcony. Even with the smaller cabin portion, it is more than adequate for 2 people. Other benefits are the 2 showers, priority embarkation and disembarkation. Priority tendering for Half Moon Cay and all islands whre you tender versus docking. Conceirge to do any reservations and other requests for you. High Tea in you cabin if you desire and hors d'oeuvres for up to 8, hot and cold delivered to your suite upon request. There is also use of the Neptune lounge. Last is free laundry and dry cleaning.


We have a choice of Cabin 8036on Navigation Deck
or Rotterdam deck Cabin 7131 (rear balcony)....

We also were wondering about size of cabin, size of balcony, is 7131 covered or can you get sun?
Does 7131 have enough closet space compare to 8036?

If you had to pick a cabin during HURRICANE season, which would be better???




Just found out that 7131's balcony is 168 sq ft and has 2 rattan chairs and a table --NO ROOM for lounge chair like you can get on Celebrity's Millie..