Zuiderdam CatB or SS and Spa



I am deciding which Category to book for my 50th b-day cruise 17 Jan. I've read a lot of reviews and posts and understand the difference between the 2 categories but would appreciate personal input from those who have had an SS -- seen quite a few posts from Bs.

I am traveling alone, but I am a "plus size gal" shall we say?? Saw a post somewhere that the bathtubs were tiny -- so concerned about whether the SS jacuzzi will be suitable for me (and therefore worth the extra $400??).

Also love to Spa -- read some stuff about $15 entry fee?? Can't find any prices anywhere for treatments (including the Steiner website)?? Is it true about the hydrotherapy pool being crowded and you have to pay $15??? I've been on around 18 cruises and generally find Steiner staff on the "less than friendly" side as well as overly pushy with the products -- BUT -- if the treatments are GOOD then I can overlook the other stuff.

My bottom line is I'd take the SS mostly for the slightly larger veranda and for the jacuzzi -- but if those aren't that terrific than I could spend it on spa treatments -- but if the spa isn't so good . . . . . .

well you see the hamster running around the cage so please take pity on her and help her find a way outt!!!!!!



We found the tubs on Zuiderdam to be slightly larger than on the other ships. The whirlpool is nice if you usually enjoy them.

We didn't use the Spa at all so can't comment on that.


Just got back from SS grade suite on Zuiderdam. Lovely suite - would have one of these again. Square shaped cabin, great size. Wonderful balcony - had two easy chairs with footstools, plus round table, and also two chairs and larger round table. Balcony is the largest I have ever had on cruise ship and is a 'GREAT' size. Bathroom is great too... I am by no means small, and the jacuzzi bath is fine (tried it just the once) there are two showers, one over the bath and a separate shower which is large and very good. Two sinks too.

All in all - yes definitely go for the lovely SS grades, but pref. go for midships rather than back or front because it is quieter here. BUT avoid cabins next to the glass lifts that run down the centre of the ship because people can see into your balcony!!

The $15 dollar spa day - well I wouldn't bother! I had a spa treatment - the back massage with Reflexology and it lasted 50 mins for about 115 dollars. This included 30 mins use of the Spa facility which you usually pay 15 dollars for the day. I spent about 5 mins in the hydro pool and didn't find it that good, so went outside and used the swim pool in the lovely sunshine and the jacuzzi's outdoors, much nicer and don't cost you anything!! The hot 'chairs' they have in the spa (inc. in the 15 dollar pass) are most uncomfortable, and didn't use the steam room/sauna because it was so hot down in the Caribbean!

Didn't really rate the spa because the treatment was shorter than I expected - around 30 mins - and the therapist spent then next 15 minutes trying to sell me the products she had used!! I didn't feel any benefit of the treatment at all and just left feeling a bit disappointed that it was such a hard sell. Perhaps if u do go to spa, make sure you make it clear at the start that you don't want to spend valuable treatment time being sold products that you may not want!! Good luck...

Lovely ship.... great food, had a truly wonderful time. Went on Radisson Voyager for 2nd week which is supposed to be 6 star, but it wasn't that much better than HAL Zuiderdam, and I can actually say that I enjoyed Zuiderdam better - their attention to detail was better and I was delighted. No problems experienced, - tho was worried by what I had read on this board. Everything was just great.


Have written to each of you privately to say THANK YOU! especially to Gail who has just about nailed my decision but I would still be happy to hear from any others with info on either the SS cabin or the Spa.



Was on the 10/18 Zuiderdam in a B midships. We checked out the S and SS. I would ABSOLUTELY go for the SS Suite. It is truly an upgrade in size and creature comforts all the way around.

As for the spa, yes they charge $15 a day to use the facilities except the workout room equipment. We usually spend some time and money on treatments in the spa, this last trip we completely boycotted the spa because of exactly what you have noted. The Greenhouse spa personnel were not friendly, in fact downright rude. You can see my review of the 10/18 sailing to get more details. Gail's assessment of the spa would be the same as mine.

Have a wonderful time!


I found the spa folks to be great! The facial I had was absolutely superb! The gal who performed it was knowledgeable and professional, and did not try to sell me anything, she did recommend things in the last 3 minutes, but that was all, I had told her as we started that I have all the products I need and that I was treating myself to a professional cleansing. And the gals at the front desk were just great, in fact when I would see them on the ship or ashore at ports they would always say hi, and asked how I was enjoying myself. Knowing that I was able to use the hyrdotherapy pool for thirty minutes before, I made a point to check in 40 minutes before my scheduled time, changed, robed, and proceeded to the hydro pool, where there was one person in there, quite passed out on the recliner. Enjoyed about 25 minutes in the pool (which was heaven) then passed out myself, woken 8 minutes later by my therapist, and we started my service. It was the best service from an onboard spa that I have ever had.

Just wanted to give my personal experience.


Thanks for the additional perspective. Guess as with most of this stuff, it's a subjective evaluation and I will have to see for myself!!

Happy sailing