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Zuiderdam -- Code Red

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by Krazy Kruizers, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. The Nov 9th sailing of the Zuiderdam -- Code Red!!

    Passengers will not be able to board until 9 PM!!!! Sailing shortly after midnight.

    Message and New Itinerary here:

    Passengers are receiving this from their TA's:

    We have recently been experiencing a heightened level of gastrointestinal (GI) illness on the ms Zuiderdam. The ship is following a special cleaning and sanitizing protocol developed in conjunction with the U.S. Centers for Disease
    Control and Prevention (CDC).
    To enable us to complete a thorough pre-departure cleaning, Fort Lauderdale embarkation will now begin on Sunday, Nov. 9th, at 9:00 pm, with the ship sailing shortly after midnight. Due to this change, the call to Half Moon Cay has been cancelled. Please see revised itinerary below.

    We encourage guests to delay arrival to the pier until 9:00 pm. If you must arrive early at the pier complimentary shuttle service will be available throughout the day between the terminal and local dining/shopping attractions.
    A shipboard credit of $75 USD per person will be added to your onboard account to help cover meal expenses and inconvenience.

    SUN 09NOV08 Sail from Fort Lauderdale 11:59p
    MON 10NOV08 Sea Day
    TUE 11NOV08 Sea Day
    WED 12NOV08 Oranjestad, Aruba 12:00n 10:00p
    THU 13NOV08 Willemstad, Curacao 8:00a 5:00p
    FRI 14NOV08 Sea Day
    SAT 15NOV08 Panama Canal, Panama
    SAT 15NOV08 Gatun Lake, Panama 9:00a 1:00p
    SAT 15NOV08 Colon, Panama 3:00p 7:00p
    SUN 16NOV08 Puerto Limon, Costa Rica 6:30a 4:00p
    MON 17NOV08 Sea Day
    TUE 18NOV08 Sea Day
    WED 19NOV08 Debark Ship Fort Lauderda 7:00a
  2. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    All because some boars won't wash their hands when they use the restrooms.

    This is so much work for the crew, such extra expense for HAL and inconvenience for guests.

    So needless.

    Wash your 'dam' hands!
  3. [size=large]You are right.

    And we have been on far too many HAL ships that were either in Code Red when we got on OR went into Code Red while we were cruising.
  4. NellieB

    NellieB Guest

    S7S .... Did you report once that you had NoroVirus on Veendam? Know you wash your hands for sure!

    Sometimes, when we board a ship with "problems" it's hard for even the most careful of us to avoid!
  5. Yes -- sail got the Norvo on the Veendam about 3 years ago.
  6. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    s7s I had no idea that wild swine were allowed onboard HAL ships =lolgang!

    Noro is definitely one of those ugly bugs caused by someone whose personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired!! Did you know that someone could board the ship quite unaware that they are sick...the illness takes a day or two to exhibit symptoms...and they could be spreading the virus around unknowingly?? Also, did you know you are still contagious for several days after the symptoms disappear.

    Wash your hands, wash your hands and when you think you can't do it anymore ... do it again!
  7. ewheelock

    ewheelock Guest

    Wash your hands all the time and don't touch your face unless you have just washed!!!!!!!
  8. NellieB

    NellieB Guest

    Beryl ... It was not S7S' s fault. You know she washes her hands.

    Veendam had norovirus when she boarded. The crew had it and passed it along (not a fellow passenger). No matter how careful any of us are, boarding a ship that was a "sick ship" on the previous sailing is a problem. :(
  9. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Nellie...of course I was not blaming s7s for the noro outbreak....I just thought it a good time to let people know that they might unknowingly be spreading the virus around.....you can be contagious when you have no symptoms whatsoever and even though you washed your hands you might have picked up the virus on some surface you have touched. Do you know that norovirus can survive on some surfaces for up to 12 days ::eek:::eek:::eek:::eek: . It could be lurking on the chair you pull out at the restaurant table, or on the salt and pepper shakers, or on the bannisters, or on the counter at the shop or on a million other sites! Just be sure to wash, wash, wash and as you said avoid touching your face with your hands!!
  10. NellieB

    NellieB Guest

    (tu) Good Point, Beryl, on how long the virus remains active on things!

    Places I'm always especially careful are the GIFT SHOPS! Who knows who may have been infected and touched things there! :S
  11. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Yes, I absolutely did post that I got Noro on Veendam. And YES, I am diligent about washing.
    The message remains the same. I didn't arrive on the ship ill with it. We had not left the ship for 6 days so I KNOW I got it on the ship. That means some pig did not wash their hands after using the rest room and carried it aboard and spread it around. It is highly contagious.
    Just touch a menu that has been touched by 'dirty hands'. A hand rail, a door knob, a pen, piece of paper.....anything.

    We were at Casino Bar with Guest Relations Manager years ago just after Amsterdam had been pulled out of service because of a brutal outbreak of Noro they simply could not irradicate. We were on back-to-back for Christmas/New Years cruises and she was leaving for World Cruise the day we debarked. I left my DH and the GRM at the bar and went to the restroom. Of course, I washed and I returned to the bar. Placed my hand on the bar to balance myself on a moving ship when I took my seat at the bar. GRM turned to me and said, you could have just become contaminated with Noro. He was right. By touching that bar with my clean hands, I put myself at risk. There is no way you can completely eliminate all exposure from your experience. You have to wash as often as you can and be as careful as you can and count on a bit of luck.

    That Veendam episode is the only time I have gotten it out of 500 days on HAL and dozens and dozens of days on other lines. My DH did not get it.

    I take no offense. I am very sure no one was implying I was the dirty 'boar'. :)
  12. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    KK........ I notice you always refer to Noro virus as Norvo. Is there a reason? I have noticed that for years???

    It is Norwalk Virus/ Norwalk Like Virus commonly referred to as Noro Virus or Noro Like Virus.
  13. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    You see, you are missing my point totally. This is not what it means. It could mean that someone (not a pig) went to the toilet, washed their hands thoroughly, used an elevator, checked out of the hotel, took a taxi to the ship, checked in and inadvertendly spread virus that they had picked up without even knowing they had picked up the virus. If you got noro virus onboard the ship it is possible, even likely, that you spread some of the virus around yourself without even noticing it. And if you were out and about withing 48 hours of being symptom free you could also have spread virus around.

    Noro is not only spread by those that did not wash their hands after using the bathroom but by anyone who has been in contact with someone who has the illness, cleaned up after someone who has been ill (think sick kids here for example), has touched anything someone who has contracted the virus might have touched....and on it goes. In my opinion the really awful people are the ones that get sick and don't report it while onboard....I know that happens quite frequently...in fact I have seen people on this and other boards tell people to never report it while onboard....why....because they will be quarantined...now people that do that are the ones I call swine!!! :grin
  14. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    No, I did not spread it board. I remained in quarantine the last day of our cruise. I became ill late the night before. (We informed appropriate officer of my having become ill so our cabin would be cleaned according to their protocol prior to new guests arriving.)

    Where I probably could have spread t despite my best efforts not to was in our post cruise hotel.

    I used purell constantly. I was ill for about 24 hours but was probably still contagious.

    Any suggestions for what else I should have done? I'm interested to hear all you would have done differently so I'll be instructed as to a better course should I ever become ill again.
  15. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Sail, I am not accusing you or anyone of knowingly spreading the noro virus around. I'm certain that you use all (maybe more than all) reasonable precautions. All I am saying is that you, or any one of us, can spread the virus before you even know you have it...did you know you had it when you had your breakfast on the morning before you began to show symptoms in the evening? We are all at risk of getting it all the time...on vacation, at work, at school, in hospitals, in hotels, everywhere! It is one of the most common illnesses out there....2nd only to the common cold.

    You did not mention whether you told the post cruise hotel that you had the virus and if you didn't that is one thing you might have considered doing (you asked :) ).

    I do have a question...when you were quarantined on the Veendam did they quarantine you husband as well??

    I applaud you in that you told the staff aboard ship that you were ill....many people do not and that is a huge part of the problem and puts everyone else on the ship at risk! I know you cruise often and I hope that you don't have to deal with the ugly bug again...ever...and I hope I don't either! Really takes the fun out of the party!

    If I offended you in any way I am truly sorry. That was certainly not my intention and I apologize.
  16. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Hi Beryl........... I GET IT.

  17. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    you can also get it on the plane on your way to a cruise.. :lol And the person that you contacted it from may not even be going on a cruise.

    That is one bad thing about flying, and it is also the one thing that sets airports apart from cruise ships.

    Someone can be a real pig and get on a plane and then contaminate everything they touch. but the difference between that and a ship is that everyone that comes in contact with it leaves the plane long before it develops.
    But if you or anyone unwittingly carried it onto a ship, then you are there long enough for it to develop.

    The point about spouses and quarantine is a valid one. I was on a cruise some time ago when I heard a man mentioned that his wife was confined to their cabin with this. I moved off quickly and washed my hands big time :lol

    There is a report out that says that the hand sanitizer they provide is really doing no good, as it gives people a false sense of security. Nothing beats a thorough hand washing.

    Besides the gift shop.. there is a very long list of places that put you at risk.
    just think of what you touch.. door handles, the taps, light switches, stair railings, the back of a chair, buttons in the lifts.... and on and on.

    I am a great hand washer.. but all it takes is one time.. Perhaps I come out of the bathroom after washing my hands big time. I go to the lift and push a button, then while riding up to another deck, I touch my face for some reason or other.. that is all it takes.

    It is a hard thing to beat.

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