Zuiderdam Itinerary Change.



I was in the process of booking shore excursions online at HAL's website this AM, when I discovered that the 5/22 sailing to the eastern Car. has had some itinerary changes. The ship will call on Roadtown, Tortola on Tue. 5/25, and St. Thomas on 5/26. Originally the ship was supposed to go to St. Thomas first and then Roadtown. The net effect is that we will have less time in St. Thomas, but on the up side, the Zuiderdam will be the only cruise ship there on Wed.


They did the same on mu 4/24 Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Zuiderdam. It was nice having less ships in port on St. Thomas, but I would have rather had more time there so I could have stayed at the beach longer and I could have gone out to dinner at a local restaurant. I was disappointed that they didn't add more time to the itinerary in Roadtown to make up for St. Thomas, but they didn't.