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Zuiderdam - J Category Cabins

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by superstein61, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. superstein61

    superstein61 Guest

    Hi, I wondered if anyone here has sailed on the Zuiderdam in the J category cabins?

    Just put a deposit down on one because the price I could get on it from one agency was far below what any other agency could price on any other cabin.

    We have sailed before in both inside and outside cabins - and there is not much difference to me - I will go with an inside if it saves me a lot like this one did.

    But the J rooms seemed odd shaped (more square than rectangle) on the deck plans and I was wondering if someone who has seen them could let me know their size, layout, etc.

  2. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    Catagory J cabins are 185 sq ft and are equipped with 2 twin beds convertible to a queen, love seat, small glass topped table and a soft back chair. There is a dresser, closet and a shower only in the bath. Overall dimensions are apprx. 10 x 18.5 ft.
  3. superstein61

    superstein61 Guest

    Thanks much

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