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Zuiderdam January 5, 2008

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by hockeymom, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. hockeymom

    hockeymom Guest

    We are new to the cruising world & booked our 1st cruise on the Zuiderdam for Jan 5th for a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise. Going along will be 2 of our children (ages 10 & 14). Will there be enough to keep them busy & happy?? Any input about this ship will be appreciated. Cat/Cabin is booked for J/1068. Also, I have a very weak stomach & wondering if I'll get sick aboard the ship!
  2. Have never gotten sea sick - try some ginger tablets which you can get at a drug store.

    Club HAL for the kids.
  3. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    I responded to you about the children on your other thread. When I wrote the message I did not know the date of your sailing. Seeing as school vacation is over for most children, you will see fewer than if you sailed over the holidays when there will be lots of families of children. I expect you will still see other young families as the prices are lower by going one week after New Years than being on the holiday cruise.

    Common treatments for mal de mer are bonine, (over the counter in all CVS, Walgreen's etc), sea bands which are wrist bands with a button that pushes on pressure point. Some people swear by them. They are non-invasive, no drug so cannot possibly harm you and if used correctly can be very effective. Try the ginger as suggested if necessary. You may wish to speak with your doctor to see if (s)he recommends the patch for you. There are some side effects to it so ask questions. It is by Rx only.
  4. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Guest

    Don't know if "Hunkey-Dorey" is still aboard the Zuiderdam, but if he is, you're in for a real treat. His duty post is the Lido Buffet. He has an amazing ability to match faces with names and remember them "forever"! I kid you not. you will be in awe ...

    And, if you don't use the ginger capsules, just bring along a box of ginger-snaps. Does the same thing and goes very well with ice-cream, frozen-thingies, etc.
  5. Hunky Dorey has been on the Oosterdam for some time.

    It's almost cruise time for you?

    Are you packed?

    Have a great cruise.
  6. BobCopNJ

    BobCopNJ Guest

    Hoping Hunkey Dory is back on the Zuiderdam by March...he made the cruise...what a great representative for HA.
  7. gramsannie

    gramsannie Guest

    Re: Zuiderdam November_December 2008

    Hunkey Dory was on the Zuiderdam - what a remarkable, nice, personable guy - can't imagine how he remembers everyone's names.
  8. Re: Zuiderdam November_December 2008

    Welcome to Cruise @ddicts.

    Good to hear that he is back on the Zuiderdam.

    He never could remember my name.

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