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Zuiderdam - July 9-16, 2005 - who's going?



We're having a big family celebration (my parent's 50th anniversary), but would love to meet some fellow passengers ahead of time. Also, does anyone have any suggestions on any special ideas to make this celebration even more special? Thanks!


Definitely introduce yourselves to Hunky Dory, he is one of the waiters in the Dining Room every nite and he also hands out trays in the Lido at breakfast, you'll see why I am telling you to do this! Have fun!


Hate 2 burst your bubble but Hunky won't be there in July he comes back in September from Indonesia. He left June 11 for a 3 month VACA. So... But introduce yourself 2 Bert Reynolds hes on the other side. He does like the same thing as Hunky but not as good. And you will meet lots of nice crew on the Zuiderdam. I know and talk to alot of the guys on email still... Most of the food crew, all of the photography crew, some of the entertainment crew for the shows, cruise director Bobby and Tom and some of musicans. The whole crew is nice. You will have lots of fun.


That's "Burt Reynauld" (French spelling - American name). No, not as good at the names as Honkey Dorey, but sure getting there!