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zuiderdam laundry

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by cruisernh, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. cruisernh

    cruisernh Guest

    From what I can see thier are self-serve laundries on board. Anyone know where they are located don't want to be near them. we are booked in a BB and are really thinking of upgrading after reading all the posts.
  2. Thulewx

    Thulewx Guest

    Everything I've read from the past 2 weeks indicates that there are NOT any self-serve laundries on board... where did you see to the contrary?
  3. cruisernh

    cruisernh Guest

    it was on cruise411.com
    Ship Facilities:
    Barber Shop/Beauty Salon
    Cruise Office
    Daily News Updates
    Library/Card Room
    Observation Lounge
    Open Bridge
    Photo Gallery/Shop
    Reception Desk
    Sauna/Steam Room(s)
    Self Service Laundry
    Ship-To-Shore Phones
    Shore Excursion Office
    Sun Deck
    Video Arcade
  4. Thulewx

    Thulewx Guest

    I wouldn't put too much trust in their stuff. They also had cabin dinemsions posted, before HAL had published them and they were way off. They just take stuff from the last HAL ship they did, and cut-n-paste...
  5. Donna55

    Donna55 Guest

    Checked with HAL and they do not have self service laundries on "The Zuiderdam".
  6. cruzman

    cruzman Guest

    One more bag to tote for carrying the dirty laundry home. Go figure.
  7. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    I sailed on Zuiderdam - NO self-service laundries.

    A number of so-called knowledgeable cruise info sites have incorrect or outdated data on them.
  8. Donna55

    Donna55 Guest

    Did you like the ship? We are sailing on January 4.

  9. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest


    Zuiderdam is a departure in design from the Statendam-class ships, as well as Rotterdam/Amsterdam and Volendam/Zaandam. She does not have as much of the art work that we are accustomed to seeing aboard the rest of the fleet, but she does indeed have some interesting pieces (for example, a beautiful Waterford crystal seahorse adorning the Atrium). I would say that her decor is more "upbeat" - geared very much towards attracting families and a younger clientele in the Caribbean.

    Cabins are nice - there IS a lack of drawer space, but you'll find shelves to compensate in the closets. Plenty of good-sized balconies - ideal for Caribbean ~~~~~~~~.

    Food and service were fine.

    Bon Voyage - enjoy your cruise!
  10. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Cruisernh - Just upgrade to a suite and all your laundry and dry cleaning will be done for free! :grin
  11. jziegler

    jziegler Guest

    Just came back, no laundry facilities, no iron's to be had anywhere.... We hung our clothes in the bathroom with the shower on to steamed the wrinkles out.
  12. cruisernh

    cruisernh Guest

    guess what I did I haven't told hubby yet but he'll be impressed I figure for the price it will be worth it all the perks and now I don't have to take the tux to the cleaners.

    so why are you called lady jag do you have a jag?
  13. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    No, but had one on order. Cancelled the order after it came in and I test drove it. Opted for a Lincoln LS instead (built on the Jag chassis). The name came from a friend that said I drive like Lady Something-or-other (couldn't remember her name) who raced Jags in Monte Carlo. The name "Lady Jag" came out of that and seemed to fit. :)

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