Zuiderdam/Osterdam vs. Century



Has anybody sailed on both ships yet?

I'm 31yo, from Germany and I think of spending two weeks on a cruise.
During the last 5 years I've been on the Century, the Summit and the Radiance of the Seas. So far Celebrity (Summit) is my fav.
Now I'm looking for a cruise in November 04. I'd like to combine one week on the Century with one week on the Zuiderdam or Osterdam. I know the Zuiderdam is newer and bigger than the Century, but how is the standard of food and entertainment (theater)? I would like to spend the second week on the "better" ship. I hope you know what I mean.
The Radiance for example is a very beautyful ship but there are so many little things that make Celebrity being special (e.g. the sherbet - do they offer sherbet on Zuiderdam too???)! ;-)

Thanks in advance!



In my opinion, Celebrity is better than HAL. I've been on the Galaxy and the Zuiderdam, but in comparison I would choose the Galaxy. The food on the Zuiderdam was ok but service was sketchy. The entertainment was fanstastic on the Zuiderdam. The show "Under the Boardwalk" was great and Edge, the juggler, was a riot. They also had a really good magician. Even though the ship is only 2 years old, I felt that it showed a lot of wear and tear. Overall, I was really disappointed in the Zuiderdam and would have to think twice about sailing on her again. But I've read other people's reviews and they love the Zuiderdam. Service on the Galaxy was top notch, food was fantastic, and as I recall, the shows were good. Hope this helps. It's all a matter of opinion.


Thanks for your comments. I think I will cancel that combination of Celebrity and Holland America and stay just with Celebrity. Probably I'll return to the SUMMIT or try the MERCURY.

@BSeabob: I wish you a great vacation and quiet sea.

@ALL being threatend by Ivan: Even in Germany our thoughts and prayers are with you!


I've cruised both the Century and the Zuiderdam, and the Zuiderdam wins hands down. I found the food excellent, and the service was the best I've had on any line (Celebrity, RC and HAL). The speciality restaurant is outstanding, and is one thing I missed on the Century. I also loved the spa and aft pool area. The entertainment was good (I didn't like the entertainment on the Century at all).


I have saided both and the Century wins hand's down for sevice. The HAL which owns the Zuiderdam went to automatic gratuity's and the service has slipped . I have seen this trend the first time I encountered it was on a Carival ship.I noticed that some of the service people did agood job while others did very little or nothing at all.Now HAL say's that the pool all the tip's and split it among the crew. I fell that the service personel should be well tipped, and tipped on the level of service they provide. I geuss you would call it INCENTIVE. I FOR 1 WILL AVOID ANY CRUISE LINES WITH THE AUTOMATIC GRATUITY POLICY. Take the Century it is a wonderful ship.
P.s. I sailed the Zuiderdam before and after the new policy went into effect.