Zuiderdam Questions from KP



Hi all. New to the board.

My wife and I are on the Zuiderdam on April 2. SS class on the upper verandah deck. Eastern Carib itinerary.

I've scoured the message boards, which have been helpful, but a few questions go unanswered that those of you with experience may know:

1) The Pinnacle Grill / Odyssey Restaurant. If we were to make reservations for two nights, which two would you recommend based on menu in Vista and entertainment schedule, etc.? I know that it's 1/2 price on the first night -- but wondered if we shouldn't show up in the Vista Dining Room (we're in the 8:30 p.m. seating) that first night so we aren't the only no-shows at our community table. I thought Dutch Night would be a good one, but can't figure out what night that is because the menus I find online are older than the revamped sailing schedule.

2) Should I make restaurant reservations via the HAL 800 number prior to boarding or just wait until embarkation?

3) I'm making a pre-trip calculation of on-board costs that I'll ring up. Can anyone give me an idea of bar costs -- beer, mixed drinks, fruity cocktails. I plan to buy a soda card, so I know that amount. How much is a bottle of wine at dinner -- some mid-range Merlot, for instance?

Thanks for any info and suggestions.

kevin in nashville

Frank Black

I am on the Oosterdam April 2. I already called HAL and have dinner reservations in the Pinnacle Grill.

Do not go on a Formal night. The best meals, (steak and lobster) and show are on formal nights.

Forget going the first night even at half price. I always want to check my table and table mates the first night. In case of a problem I can fix it the second day.

I found soda costs about $1.75 and drinks from $5.50 to $6.00 including the 15% add on. I never get a soda card since ice tea and lemonade is always available. Wine is $15 to $25. You can buy a wine package too.


If you wish to dine at Pinnacle on the first night, just make your reservation for later than your scheduled dining time. Then, drop by the dining room and introduce yourself to your tablemates and let them know what's up. After that, head off to dinner with a clear conscience.


Beer runs anywhere from $3.95 domestic to $4.95 imports. At various times they will have happy hour prices in different bars, always check your daily program for which bar and what times.