Zuiderdam questions & gripe



Whine first: Sure wish they'd replace those tacky drawings of Zuiderdam rooms/cabins with photos now...
Question regarding the "3-tiered show lounge" - the round areas on the sides look like sort-of box seats - are they? And if so, Are they reserved for suite pax?
I'm also curious about what kind of setup one must have to connect a laptop in cabin...


I want to know about the lap top thing too - travel agent quoted me some number for costs per minute but said that the ship provided the cables and the like - I may still call the cruise line - when are you sailing?

Barry Cunningham

I can tell you my observation of the lounge is that if I understand the 'round' part ..yes they are sort of box seats, but unknown if they are for suites. They are not unlike the other show lounges of other large ships though,meaning most large show lounges curve around and have some sort of 'cropping' of the seats for space.

We were told you would get the internet cable but not the pc card, you supply that and the dongle. I beleive the package price was 250 min. for $100, then a bigger package..or 50cents a minute otherwise.
hope that helps...