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Zuiderdam Questions

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by hockeymom, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. hockeymom

    hockeymom Guest

    Has anyone traveled on Ms. Zuiderdam recently (Eastern Caribbean) I have a few questions....
    Can I bring a travel iron with?
    Do you need "cash" for the casino?
    What does it mean when it says "tender required"? (I'm new to cruising)!
    Are there any good shows aboard the ship that are "must sees"?
    Any input would be great~Thanks!
  2. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Hi and Welcome to HAL.

    About your questions:

    Has anyone traveled on Ms. Zuiderdam recently (Eastern Caribbean) I have a few questions....

    We have cruised 6 times on Zuiderdam but it has been a while since we sailed on her. All of those cruises were wonderful and we would not hesitate to return.

    Can I bring a travel iron with?

    No. Travel irons are a definite no-no on ships. They are not allowed. Zuiderdam (and all HAL ships) has great laundry/pressing/dry cleaning service. The prices are reasonable and they do a fabulous job. If you need something pressed, give it to your steward and he will bring it to the laundry for you. You're on vacation..... let someone else do the work. [Some HAL ships have guests self service laundries on the ship but Zuiderdam (and none of her sisters in the Vista class of ships) have those laundries.

    you need "cash" for the casino?

    Yes. Cash. But I think you can get cash advances in the casino. I've never done it so do not know the details. Someone else will help you with that.

    What does it mean when it says "tender required"? (I'm new to cruising)!

    It means that the ship will not tie up to a dock. It will drop anchor in the harbor of the port you are visiting and will lower it's own small boats to be used as shuttles to get from ship to shore and back. You will be advised when the ship has been cleared in your 'tender port' to go to a designated lounge and collect a tender ticket. You will wait in that lounge until your number is called and will then go to the gangway. They will have dropped 'stairs' coming out of the side of the ship. You will go down those stairs (just about a normal flight in height) to the platform where sailors will assist getting into the small boats. Unless you have some physical disability, it is a very easy process. If you have limitations, HAL is great about providing assistance. The sailors are there to help us. When you get to shore, you step off the tender onto a small dock and you go on your way.

    Are there any good shows aboard the ship that are "must sees"?

    There is a show every night. We can't know very far in advance just which shows will be on a given cruise. If you happen to be aboard with the Elton John impersonator (Joel...... can't think of his last name), don't miss his show. It's terrific. He sometimes is on Zuiderdam. Puts on a terrific show.

    Hope this helps.
    Any other questions, ask away.
  3. earl_m

    earl_m Guest

    For the casino, If you want an advance, they will charge 3%
    service charge, Bring cash and try not to gamble too much on the first night. fast way to ruin a cruise!!
  4. hockeymom

    hockeymom Guest

    Thank you for all your input; it was very helpful. From your previous experience on the Zuiderdam, have there been many kids aboard? We are bringing along 2 of our (14-girl & 10-boy). I hope they will like the cruise. Also, are there any "must-dos, must-sees" at the following ports:
    Grand Turk & Caicos, San Juan, St. Thomas & Half Moon Cay???
    Just want to make sure we have things planned ahead of time, if needed.
    Thanks again for your help~~I'm excited for our new adventure!
  5. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Depending upon when you travel will depend upon how many kids. Zuiderdam's seven day cruises attract lots of families particularly during school vacations and holidays. Most of the seven day itineraries out of FLL will have a fair number of children during vacations.

    Your kids should be fine and find lots of new friends. You may wish to sign them up for Club HAL. Lots of activities and a way for them to meet other children.
  6. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Guest

    Definately go w/Club HAL. Absolutely the best way for the kidlets to "do theri own thing", yet still be supervised. The club staffers are fantastic!

    Make sure your children take (or reserve) formal wear. Your DD should not be a problem, as most young ladies absolutely love to dress up. For your DS, I strongly urge him to try the formal thing. The other young ladies on the ship will find him irresistible!

    St. Thomas is one giant shopping mall! If you can't find it there, it probably doesn't exist. Be prepared for a day of "power shopping". You will have a wonderful time.

    (ADDED) Oh! Don't let your DD get her hair braided. The costs add up fast and there is often major damage done! i.e. - when she takes the braids out, the hair is often broken and she could end up half-bald!
  7. They charge by the braid and by each bead you have placed on the braid -- some people have dropped $50 - $100 to have this done.

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