Zuiderdam questions



tried to get a reply on HAL board, but no luck...hopefully somebody can help on here....
#1)internet.....how much per minute (not packaged minutes) and do they have "wireless" on the ship for your laptop? is there in cabin hook up for laptops in non-suite cabins ? what are the cost for "packaged minutes"?
#2) what other table games do they have other than the normal roulette, standard blackjack and craps???
#3) are there Refers in balcony cabins?? or just suites?
thank you in advance

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Im sorry I dont have an answer for you either.... maybe you could try Cruise Mates, or Cruise Critic. I dont visit those sites much, but I did notice they have message boards. Surprised no one here could answer even one of your questions.. =headscratch


I was on the Zuiderdam last spring, and sorry I can't answer your question about the internet and laptop hookups, as I didn't use them at all. I was in the Casino, however, and nope - no other table games than the standard. They might have a Caribbean Stud table, but I didn't see one. No Pai Gow, either. Plenty of slots and progressives. On one night, they did advertise dealer's cards-up for Blackjack, and you couldn't even get near the two tables that were doing it. Pardon my ignorance, but I have no idea what a "Refers" is. ?? If I can answer any more questions about the layout, food, etc., I'll be happy to. I had a wonderful time on the Zui (did the Western), mainly because we got a full day at HMC. I've enjoyed every HAL ship I've been on. here was only one little glitch...unbeknownst to us, there was a very LARGE group of "Garfield" fans on that sailing. Not bad, but a few problems with inappropriate attire at dinner and a few unsupervised kids who definitely made their presence known. Please let me know if I can answer any more questions.