Zuiderdam Questions



My husband and I are going to be celebrating our 5th anniversary on the Nov 29th sailing of the Zuiderdam. Does anyone know if any of the lounges have happy hour drink specials, or hors d'oeuvres? Also when and where is the chocolate buffet?(My husband is really worried about the chocolate.) We are soooo excited, this will be our first cruise for us with a balcony. Actually we have a cat B guarantee.



Not aware of any "happy hour" specials on the "Z", however they do have a daily drink special each day (one particular drink having a reduced price, e.g. Margaritas). The chocolate extravaganza was held one afternoon in the Vista dining room. This could change as it seems to vary from ship to ship, or when a new hotel mgr comes on board.


Haven't been on the Zuiderdam yet, but on other HAL ships, free hors d'oeuvres are served before each dinner seating in Ocean Bar and Crow's Nest. Check the Daily Program for location and time. They're hot, they're free, and some are pretty tasty!

mix wizzard

just got back from z-dam.....they have a daily bloody mary special at the ocean bar.....no hor doerves...............and the chocolate extravaganza is in the main dining room...get there early the lines are CRAZY


We just returned from b-to-b's on Zuiderdam and there are still complimentary hot hors d'ouerves in Ocean Bar, Crowsnest and Explorer's Lounge before dinner every evening.

Jesus Ruiz

They have a Chocolate Extravaganza which we missed, It is at 3:00 pm afternoon at the Vista dinning.
I certainly hope you have a great cruise. My wife and I just came back and we have had the worst cruise ever.
Please make a request for the upper mid dining room or the front. Avoid lower aft dinning. Vibration and noise will made an impossible expirience your meal there.
We were on cabin 5089 I hope you´ll be lucky and your cabin will be located far from this side. There´s a terrible metallic noise like if the ship´s structure will fall apart in any minute and stayed with us for the whole cruise.
After 10 cruises with different cruise lines, I saddly have to say this was the worst of them all.


Jesus....sorry you did not enjoy your cruise.

Are you not aware the Captain has been slowing the ship during dining hours and since doing that, there has been VERY slight vibration?

We had the privilege of dining with the Captain on this cruise and his table is in the center of the aft section, lower level. I was seated beside the Captain and neither he nor I nor anyone else at our table felt the slightest of vibration during an extensive seven course dinner. Our glasses of wine were undisturbed and our souffles suffered no shaking.

I am not meaning to contradict you but you must have had the only table in the area that was shaking or suffering from unwanted background noises. Our table of ten had no difficulty conversing at all. I imagine the Captain surely would relocate his table if the situation were not pleasant.

Hope your next cruise is more to your liking.

Jesus Ruiz

Well as you said, I won't contradict you.
But after nine previous perfect cruises I know what to expect
from them and certainly we did not get it this time.
But in the end, Cruises are a matter of likes.
I'm Glad you had a great time at Zuiderdam but we did not.
And I'm not the kind of person who is complaning about everything.
In fact, this is the first time that I have to complaint at all, because as
I said before, our previous ones were PERFECT!

I have a letter from Holland America signed by the Guest Relations Manager
with her apologies for all that happened.

If you have some free time I would like you to read my review about my experience
on the MS.Zuiderdam.

Thanks for your comments




I read your review regarding your trip on the "Z" on the crusie critic board. You did a great job and I am glad to hear the things you wrote. We will be on the Sept. 27th sailing and you re-stored my faith in HAL.

We consider ourselves HAL loyalist but we have traveled on other ships besides HAL and we always find HAL to be our best choice compared to others we have been on.

It has been a year since our last time on HAL and your review has lighten our day.



Hi S7S, Can you submit your review to our site also. I did not see it posted in our reviews section. I'd love to see it.


Hi John....

I did post it here....or one quite similar. It was not a traditional "review" in that I did not get into shore excursions, details of embarkation/disembarkation, shows/entertainment, Bingo and cruise staff as these are not things of high interest to us.

I posted my "comments" here on the HAL section of C@ under a thread titled something like HAL's High Standards.....Zuiderdam.

Seeing as I did not review the items most include in their formal reviews, I did not think it belonged in the Review Section here.