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Hi - After reading all the reviews, both negative and positive, we're considering this ship. We have some questions and we're hoping past cruisers here can help with the answers:

1. Are the cabin TVs interactive like RCI's? Can you check your account balance, order shore excursions, etc.?

2. We want to skip all the formal nights on this cruise, as we have 2 other cruises right before this one and will be going to all the formal nights on them. We want a totally casual cruise for a change (and no, we don't want to cruise with Carnival). Will we be able to eat in the buffet area and then go back to our cabin without getting dressed up?

3. How often are ships diverted from HMC? Does it happen 50% of the time or what?

4. What is the kids' video arcade like? Does anyone know how many paying games they have and how do you pay for them? With cash or with a credit card type card that you 'charge up' in a machine?

5. We aren't connoisseurs, but food can either make or break a cruise for us. Is it readily available all the time? Or are the hours of the buffet and hamburger grill limited?

Any other information would be appreciated! Thanks SO much for the help!! :thumb


1) No, Zuiderdam does not have interactive TV for checking your account balance. You can do that anytime at the front office.

2) You can certainly have all of your meals in the casual setting of Lido. We always enjoy the dining room and in many HAL cruises have never hads our dinner in Lido but I know lots of folks do. They do a very nice job as they put tablecloths on the tables and you pick your appetizers and salads from the buffet and a steward will bring your entree.

3) We have been on about 15 (?) cruises which were scheduled to stop at HMC. Out of that approximate number, we missed the island maybe 4 times. We were once turned away on a bright sunny day due to choppy seas. It is simply too dangerous to drop tenders.

4) I have no clue about the kids video arcade. I know they have one; I know there is a dedicated Club HAL.

5) Lido hours are extensive and the variety offered is awesome. Zuiderdam's Lido is set up as a food court with stations for pasta, deli sandwiches, pizza, stir fry, hamburger bar; traditional line with roast meats carved etc There is so much to choose from it is inconceivable to me that anyone would not be able to find something that appeals to them for both breakfast and lunch. IMO, HAL has the best Lido in the industry. Afterall, they were the originators of the concept many years ago.

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As I recall, there are actually 2 video arcades; one just outside the Vista Lounge, and one on the Observation Deck just across from the Wave Runner. Not sure about how the games are paid for. Of the 4 times we have been scheduled to stop in Half Moon Cay, only once were we not allowed to go ashore. An unexpected thunderstorm passed overhead and the Captain made the decision to bypass the island. Agree with everthing S7S has said about your other questions. I might mention that you can order room service from the dining room menu during normal dining room hours. How about prime rib and lobster served on your balcony?


Cruzman, thanks for the tip about the room service during dining hours -- that does sound like heaven, if perhaps a little lonely for me as a single cruiser this time round. Do you have to go to the dining room to view the posted menu or can you get a menu in your room too?