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Zuiderdam questions

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by TADick, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. TADick

    TADick Guest

    internet.....how much per minute (not packaged minutes) and do they have "wireless" on there for your laptop? is there in cabin hook up for laptops in non-suite cabins ? I see below somebody mentioned like ? $55 for 100 minutes
    #2) what other table games do they have other than the normal roulette, standard blackjack and craps???
    thank you in advance
  2. TADick

    TADick Guest

    Also...is there Refers in all the cabins?? or just suites?
  3. cjb

    cjb Guest

    Regarding internet on the Zuiderdam----75 cents per minute if you don't purchase the package deals. I believe there is a connection in each cabin, though we didn't use it, but I did read about it. Connection fee once to have it in your room ($25 for the cruise, I seem to remember reading.)

    You wrote:
    Also...is there Refers in all the cabins?? or just suites?

    To what are you referring? "Refers"= what?

    As for the casino games, I just lost my $$ in bingo!
  4. TADick

    TADick Guest

    thanks cjb for the reply..."refers" was short for refridgerator
  5. diverdiver

    diverdiver Guest

    I was on the Zuiderdam last May, in an inside cabin, and there was a "refer" (mini-bar) filled with soda, liquor, candy, etc. I just kept it locked the whole time. If you plan on using it, though, have your cabin steward remove the $$ items and make sure you don't get charged for using them.
  6. cjb

    cjb Guest

    Had the 'fridge in our S suite, and didn't plan to use it, but rough seas one night called for a club soda! Thank goodness for the Perrier in the door of the 'fridge. It was promptly replaced the next a.m.--and the bill was on the table. :eek:)

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